Tokushima Wins First Game Under New Manager Tatsuma Yoshida as Machida Dominates with 5-0 Victory

Exciting Goals Galore as Machida Wins 5-0 in Thrilling Match!

August 26, 2023 (Saturday) 22:20

In a riveting clash at their home ground, Machida delivered an awe-inspiring performance, showcasing their attacking prowess with an impressive 5-0 victory against Yamagata. The goal rush began in the 19th minute when Shota Fujio scored a remarkable opener. Shunya Numata then added to the lead in the 31st minute, followed by Mitchell Duke’s sensational goal in the 37th minute. In the second half, Vazquez Byron and Fujio struck again, ensuring Machida’s resounding triumph. This outstanding win marked the first game with new manager Tatsuma Yoshida, setting a promising start for the team in Meiji Yasuda J2 Division 32.

Iwata Suffers Heartbreak Despite Impressive First Half Performance

In an intense battle against Chiba at their home stadium, Iwata initially soared ahead with a commanding three-goal lead in the first half. However, their hopes were dashed as substitute Keisuke Goto scored two goals in the second half, leading to Chiba securing a remarkable comeback victory with a final score of 3-2.

Nagasaki Triumphs in Impressive Away Win Against Omiya

Playing away against Omiya, Nagasaki displayed tremendous skill and determination, securing a dominant 4-0 victory. Shunya Yoneda and Juanma Delgado were the heroes of the match, scoring two goals each and propelling Nagasaki to a well-deserved win.

Sendai Stages Thrilling Comeback to Secure a 3-2 Win against Oita

Sendai faced a tough challenge in their away game against Oita, falling behind with a goal in the 45th and 64th minutes. However, Jinto Nakayama provided a glimmer of hope with an equalizer in the 67th minute, and Yuta Goke completed a remarkable turnaround with a comeback goal in the 72nd minute. Despite conceding one more goal, Sendai showed resilience and emerged victorious with a final score of 3-2, securing their second consecutive win and climbing to 12th place in the league standings.

Okayama Emerges Victorious in an Intense Battle against Tokyo V

Visiting Tokyo V, Okayama demonstrated their strength and determination, scoring three crucial goals with Thiago Alves leading the charge. Although they faced some late pressure and conceded two goals, Okayama held on to win the thrilling encounter 3-2.

Tokushima Displays Solid Defense to Secure Win against Kanazawa

Tokushima traveled to Kanazawa for a challenging away match and showcased an exceptional defensive performance. Despite a goal from Kazuki Nishitani in the 39th minute, Tokushima’s resolute backline held firm, preserving their narrow lead and emerging victorious.

Yamaguchi Celebrates Much-Needed Victory against Kofu

Yamaguchi faced Kofu at their home turf, delivering an exhilarating performance. With the score tied at 2-2, Taiyo Igarashi emerged as the hero by scoring a dramatic winning goal in the 90th minute, securing a crucial 3-2 victory. This win ended Yamaguchi’s seven-match winless streak and propelled them out of the relegation zone, climbing to 18th place in the standings.

Tochigi and Mito Share Spoils in Late Drama

In a thrilling encounter, Tochigi battled against Mito. With Tochigi trailing by one point in the 90 + 5th minute, newcomer Leandro Pereira stepped up to score the equalizer, resulting in an enthralling 2-2 draw.

Fujieda vs. Gunma Match Canceled due to Inclement Weather

Unfortunately, the scheduled match between Fujieda and Gunma was canceled due to thunderstorms.

Meiji Yasuda J2 Alliance Situation

  • Tochigi versus Mito
  • Tokyo V vs. Okayama
  • Machida vs. Yamagata
  • Omiya vs. Nagasaki
  • Kanazawa vs. Tokushima
  • Iwata vs. Chiba
  • Fujieda vs. Gunma
  • Yamaguchi vs. Kofu
  • Oita vs. Sendai

August 26, 2023 (Saturday) 22:20

Machida wins with 5 shots in a fierce goal rush! Tokushima win the first game of new manager Tatsuma Yoshida[Crynodeb: Meiji Yasuda J2 Adran 32]

Machida, who hosted Yamagata at home, went on a furious scoring spree, starting with Shota Fujio’s goal in the 19th minute. Shunya Numata added a goal in the 31st minute, and Mitchell Duke scored a third in the 37th minute. Goals were scored by Vazquez Byron and Fujio in the second half, giving the team a 5-0 win.

Iwata, who were playing against Chiba at home, fell into a difficult situation as they were leading by three goals in the first half. In the second half, substitute Keisuke Goto scored two goals, but fell short and lost 2-3.

In an away game against Omiya, Nagasaki Shunya Yoneda and Juanma Delgado scored two goals to win the game 4-0. In an away game against Oita, Sendai was one goal behind in the 45th and 4th minutes when Jinto Nakayama equalized, and in the 67th minute Yuta Goke scored a comeback goal. In the 72nd minute, Yuto Uchida scored the third goal. Afterwards, Sendai, who managed to escape with a score of 3-2 despite conceding one goal, moved up to 12th place with two consecutive wins.

Okayama, who went to Tokyo V’s home ground, scored three goals with a goal from Thiago Alves and others, and although they conceded two goals in the final stages, they won 3-2. In an away match against Kanazawa, Tokushima defended Kazuki Nishitani’s goal, which was scored in the 39th minute.

Yamaguchi faced Kofu at home, and Taiyo Igarashi scored the winning goal in the 90th minute when the score was 2-2, winning the game 3-2. Yamaguchi, who won for the first time in seven matches, climbed out of the relegation zone and moved to 18th place. In the 90 + 5th minute, when Tochigi was one point behind, newcomer Leandro Pereira scored the equalizer to draw with Mito 2-2.

The scheduled match between Fujieda and Gunma has been canceled due to thunderstorms.

Meiji Yasuda J2 Alliance Situation

■ Matching data
Tochigi versus Mito
Tokyo V vs. Okayama
Machida vs. Yamagata
Omiya vs. Nagasaki
Kanazawa vs. Tokushima
Iwata vs. Chiba
Fujieda vs. Gunma
Yamaguchi vs. Kofu
Oita vs. Sendai

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