Tokyo Olympics hits directly | Li Jing leads the Hong Kong Table Tennis Women’s Team to win bronze to celebrate tearing off masks and praise Su Huiyin for “bile and hairy” Cheng Qibing (13:25)-20210805-Sports-News

The coach of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Women’s Team, Li Jing, became a hot topic in the East Olympics. In the round of 16, he was photographed as an excited player “in the middle of the enterprise.” For a moment, he tore his mask torn apart with excitement, cheered and raised his arms to attract eyeballs again. After the game, he said that he was the leader in winning the bronze this year, and he was more excited than his silver pick in the 2004 Athens Olympics: “Of course I was happy when I played, but I was even more excited to see the players win the cards, because they all made history for Hong Kong, so it’s important. Thanks to the support of the Hong Kong people, they were not discouraged after losing to the Japanese team in the top four, and they prepared for this battle together.”

Hong Kong Table Tennis’s deployment against the German team in this battle originally hoped that one of the sisters in the formation, Du Kaiqin, would grab points, but Su Huiyin, who played the first Olympic Games, won two games alone, leading the German team to defeat the German team with a number of games 3:1. Li Jing praised the opponent for being an amazing soldier, and said with a smile: “She looks like a guts and a mess. I didn’t expect her to be troubled. In the past, she never won against these two golfers, but today she beats them, or is the opponent. To the effect, this is the Olympics. The waves are round and the results are hard to say.” Li Jing stayed in Hong Kong as a coach after retiring. He has been the head coach of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Women’s Team since 2013. He laughed and said that he was doing things by learning and was grateful to the players. Forgive yourself.

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