‘Told to leave the hotel with food’: Dear Warrior for bad experience

Actress Priya Warrier reveals about her misbehavior at a hotel in Mumbai. The actress had a bad experience from the hotel where she was staying for the shooting.

‘The hotel where I was staying had a very sensible policy. They do not allow outside food inside the hotel. In that case, they may charge more for the food. There is a special charge for the food ordered by the residents. I did not know about their policy before. When I finished work, I brought some food with me. This hotel was booked for shooting purposes. The hotel was booked for me by the production team. Therefore, I could not read any of their policies.

They told me the food could not be brought inside. I humbly begged them to forgive me only this time. I was told that I had paid for the food and that it could not be discarded. They told me to either throw away the food or come out and eat. They made a big scene there. They would not even listen to me. There was a lot of bad behavior on their part. I finally had to sit outside and eat in the cold, ‘said Priya Warrior.



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