Tom Cruise puts the apocalypse on a broken ankle

And so, other movies: Ask that your country can not do for you. Get a question that Tom Cruise can – and will do it for you.

The answer is nothing. The man will do anything to entertain you. At age 56, when the rest of us is making a chiropractor appointment and adding our corrective lenses, read Cruise from your plane, in a lightning storm. He will learn to fly a helicopter for yourself, all for any nausea-stimulating helicopter, stunt – yep pilots, he is a pilot AND acting – which interferes with a death spiral in "Mission: Impossible – Fallout".

It should not be said without the cruise coming to you. Oh, too: he will put a rope from a helicopter, and read bungee from it.

And finally, Mr. Cruise will crush her ankle by jumping from one building to another for you – and then hell seems to have broken the ankle. Because, what is the MI movie without a cruise sprint?

One day, if this happens, it seems silly. One day, people will be thinking about this movie star that is good, but it's not a part of 80, then, putting its lives at risk of its fans. Now that day is not there. With the partner, Christopher McQuarrie, director's director back, Cruise offers all of the aforementioned items in "Fallout," seventh as Ethan Hunt.

As for the plot, well, you can attract confusion. He gets unnecessarily complicated. For most of the movies, there would be much more problem. But because "Fallout" will fast from one stunt crazy to another, it does not look like it. You'll see, "Hmm, what?" But then, "Whoa! Is Tom going out of that building?"

We begin, as is always, a new mission – this time, it also puts Homer's "Odyssey" copy to himself, possibly a reference to Hunt's own journey. We will try to boil it: The consequences of the Apostles, the terrorists aiming at the best religious sites in the world – the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca – and bring to fruition. They are in collaboration with Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the criminal filmmaker of the last movie, who has been living and now wants to reveal Hunt, not to mention the global destruction.

Hunt has to get his hands on three plutonium crimes that he wants. This really manages, for a second – but they have to give them up to save an estimated staff member. Therefore, an overarching dilemma was launched on this installment: Hunt should have one life that is expensive for many more?

We do not get much time to deceive. Hunt must start from the beginning. His CAI team, as always, is a faithful Luther (Ving Rhames), and whiz Benji (the great Simon Pegg) technology, which provides an essential levy. It is safe to say that the life of Benji never was so hungry in the balance.

Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) secretary CAI is back, clashing with Erika Sloane (Angela Bassett), the CIA, the screen or the time is never the most stylish. Sloane effectively investigates his own agent, the very handsome but blue Walker (Henry Cavill), in Hunt, and causes all kinds of difficulties.

Crucially, we also have a former MI6 Fax Fax agent (Rebecca Ferguson, who made such an attitude in the last movie). She's back, just working for those, exactly? Regardless of all, it's very fun to watch her after the brutish men's descent. Vanessa Kirby ("The Crown") is the false journalist as the mysterious Widow's Widow.

Of course, the guys are really. And the landscape. There was always a lovely lovely love in Paris, but you have a great deal of time when you come with a cruise through the Palais Grand Indoor plane. And that motorcycle around Arc de Triomphe? We say that there is a Mission: It is impossible to go through that live traffic circle on a real life day.

Then we're going to London, where to delete a ankle bone cruise by a sheep movie. With a recent screening, McQuarrie explained that most of the things we see the actor have done here, including that sprinkle, after the injury. You think you're looking at.

The dramatic stunts were made in New Zealand, standing in Kashmir. Many people go bungee jumping there; It is likely that it is relatively small from a moving helicopter. We see cruise as well as another helicopter that will drive because it seems that it can not be recovered. A conscious physical fight was made in Norway, which became a fjord. And scanning a 25,000 foot jump from Cruise plane in Abu Dhabi.

Much ink was spent analyzing this surviving phenomenon known as Tom Cruise, and what motivates him, on screen and off. "I just want to entertain people," he said recently. That is one mission that can still be a nail.

"Mission: Impossible – The Fallout," the release of Image Pictures, is not unregistered by Motion Picture Association of America. Run Time: 147 minutes. Three stars from four.


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