Tom Herman influences the reporter after Texas's narrow win over Kansas

Tom Herman influences the reporter after Texas's narrow win over Kansas

After Texas survived Kansas Saturday with the Longhorns 50-48 edge of Jayhawks, the third coach in the third year Tom Herman it was straight to the point.

Herman was finally pleased to walk away from the DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas, with the 8 Week win on Cameron Dicker's sophomore yard yard 33 when the time expired.

But the way the offense went twice twice (one interception, one fumble) as well as a pair of unsuccessful attempts at the fourth, and how the torch defense got out of a total 569 yard (259 rushing, 310 going), Herman was in without entertaining the first three questions from a reporter during the coach's post-match press conference.

The reporter pointed out that the offense was "more than enough to win the game" in relation to the first 33 downs and 638 full yard (239 rushing, 399 rite) which sent Texas (5-2, 3-1 ), but Herman cut out the question.

"We managed to turn the ball over four times," Herman said. "So I don't know we are doing that."

As a follow-up, the reporter asked if the Longhorns would be able to "do anything special" for the 2019 season without a pass break or better combat with protection after the unit's just 30-point game or allow more against offenses against.

"No," said Herman. "The next question."

The reporter once again felt: So what can be fixed?

"Everything," Herman said. "The next question."

Kansas (2-5, 0-4) headed 48-47 in the great 12 shootout back and forth, which had a 22-yard receiver around the junior street at Stephon Robinson from the reception fourth fifth senior Carter Stanley take the one-point edge with left 1:11 left.

Texas disappeared around quickly, however, with 10 plays for 60 yards in the final 71 seconds of regulation.

The fourth quarter Sophomore Sam Ehlinger, which ended 31 of 44 going about 70.5 percent) for 399 yards and four of the sides with a rudder score and 46 yards on 11 carriage (4.2 mean), leading the drive to win the game after the most recent violations of the defense.

"These guys know who we are," Herman said. "They are no doubt about our shortcomings, so there was no sense that the gas path would be let out of any stretch."

In Longhorns defense, the unit has been affected by injuries, and Herman understands the evolution and urgency of improvement before next Saturday at TCU (3-3, 1-2).

"There's a man who never played a defense and made 100 percent of his dealings," Herman said. "It doesn't. There is a proper technique. And if the guy loses you, he will lose you. But at least you kept him off enough so that the cavalry can come, and we must ensure that Our men are fresh and healthy enough to be running to football.

"These are the people who did not get many representatives early in the season. And as we stressed it this week in practice, it is not a two-day fix and we are in pads on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and as so we'll keep it behind.

"But I think, mostly, in the background … I felt sure we had more (tackling a loss) than last week and many more. In space, there is it's hard and we will continue to improve, but we need 10 more hat on the ball and we're going to that point. "

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