Tommy Island Tommy's love of Avicii's Wake Me Up reporting Twke in hysterics

Tommy Island Tommy's love of Avicii's Wake Me Up reporting Twke in hysterics

This year Love Island there is nothing if it is not philosophy. Between Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard, he is of the opinion that the villa lies with inspiring quotations and sensible words.

But, it will only take a minute to observe a boxer's latest mosaic… on last night's program, Tommy and Curtis woke up with a kiss. And during his emotional platform conversation, Tommy said something Twitter can't ignore.

Love Island It has been noted by Tommy that Curtis' s Avicii song was mentioned by him (he used the same quotation a few weeks ago too) but he put the hard words out of his own.

“The game is a prize for everyone and your love,” said the 20-year-old man. But if you've never listened to Wake Me Up; with Avicii – who died in April 2018 – you will know that the words are included, “Life is a prize that is made for everyone and love.” t

Okay, okay. So technically, it's not just mentioned, but do you really tell me that you can't give a picture to Tommy listening to that song's repeat and positioning it on an argos gray and red bed spread, and posters Ferraris and girls in gold rope bikinis? So we think he got inspiration from Avicii track – consciously or consciously.

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