Tomorrow morning’s speech at the UN General Assembly…the Korea-Japan summit is “silent and unanswered”

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After attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth of England, President Yoon Seok-yeol arrived in New York, USA.

President Yoon will deliver a keynote speech to the United Nations General Assembly early tomorrow morning, around five hours our time.

The presidential office said that during the visit to New York, the Korea-Japan summit and the Korea-US summit will also be held.

In the case of the Korea-Japan summit, the Japanese side has not made a definite answer, so there are questions about the background.

We are contacting reporters who are in New York.

Reporter Lee Jung-eun!

This is the first keynote speech and presence at the United Nations General Assembly since President Yoon’s inauguration.

You must have thought a lot about what kind of message to put in your speech.

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Yes, the theme of this year’s United Nations General Assembly is ‘Time of the Threshold’.

The international community, which has gone through complex crises such as the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, has defined the current situation as a turning point.

Kim Seong-han, head of the National Security Bureau.


“Let the countries that share the value of freedom unite around the United Nations. Countries with economic and technological resources must actively help countries that cannot create a win-win.”

As usual, messages were also sent to North Korea at the UN General Assembly, but as the opening speech and congratulatory speech on August 15 suggested a ‘bold initiative’ for North Korea, they said they would not send a separate message to North Korea.

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In fact, the biggest interest in this trip to New York is the Korea-Japan summit, which has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

Our presidential office announced that Korea and Japan are ready to agree to a summit, but the Japanese side has not decided anything, something like this.

What’s happening?

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Yes, contrary to the president’s explanation that the agreement was readily agreed, the Japanese side continues to show a reserved response.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, said he would hold summit talks with Britain, Turkey and the Philippines in a meeting with reporters before leaving for New York today.

There was no clear answer to the question about the Korea-Japan summit.

Let’s hear it.

[기시다 후미오/일본 총리]

“It is a summit with Korea, but at the moment, nothing has been decided on the timetable.”

The relationship between Korea and Japan is not conducive to domestic politics in Korea and Japan, and Prime Minister Kishida’s approval rating has dropped to around 20%.

Therefore, there is an analysis that it will be more difficult to bend the hard line of holding talks after seeing South Korea’s response to the forced mobilization issue.

Before the summit, the first Korean-Japanese foreign ministers’ meeting was also held in New York, and although the diplomatic authorities of the two countries had detailed discussions on the issue of enforcing and restoring relations, they refused to comment. on the question of whether there was any discussion relating to the summit.

As such, as the Korea-Japan summit had difficulties in terms of last-minute coordination, the presidential office maintained the position that the meeting would take place, but made no specific comments.

It seems that the war of nerves will continue over the form, agenda, and whether the media should be opened until just before the actual meeting.

So far, this is Lee Jung-eun from MBC News in New York.

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