TOMORROW X TOGETHER, the return of today’s 5th mini album… ‘Names Chapter: TEMPATION’ begins in earnest

Today, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) will transform into the MZ Peter Pan generation with their comeback song ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ after 9 months.

On the 27th, Big Hit Music announced that YFORY X TOGETHER will release their 5th mini album ‘Enw Chapter: TEMPTATION’ at 2:00pm today and begin their first activities in the new year.

‘Episode yr Enw: TEMPTATION’ comes back after about 9 months since the release of the 4th mini album ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ in May last year, and the first work to open the series ‘Episode yr Name’ , with 2.16 million pre-orders. It has attracted a lot of attention.

Photo = Provided by Big Hit Music

YFORY X TOGETHER’s stage, which will be developed together with their representative song ‘Sugar Rush Ride’, is based on verses and choruses reminiscent of ‘Dream Chapter’, where the boys showed their innocence, and’ r ‘Chapter Chaos’, a point of conflict with the world. The faded boy’s look is expressed in straight colours.

TXT’s sharp choreography, chic and dark mood is right up front, and the stage charm that encompasses the dreamy beauty as a group with a conceptual view of the world is ‘Devil by the Window’, ‘Happy Fools ( feat. Coi Leray)’, ‘Tinnitus’, ‘Gadael Neverland’, along with interest in b-side songs, it is expected that it will appear as an internal consensus of the MZ generation such as YFORY X TOGETHER.

Photo = Provided by Big Hit Music

Meanwhile, with the announcement of ‘Episode Name: TEMPTATION’ at 2:00 pm today, YFORY X TOGETHER will begin their full activities, starting with their appearance on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’.

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