‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’ TOP 10, Gala Show Completed… Park Chang-geun, Park Jang-hyeon, Lee Solomon, Lee Byung-chan, Jeong Dong-won, etc. appeared – Reporter Kim Yoon-kyo

The top 10 of ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’ reproduced the emotion through the gala show.

The TOP 10 of ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer (hereinafter ‘National Singer’)’ appeared on TV CHOSUN’s ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer Gala Show’, which aired on the 20th, and released colorful stages and unfinished stories.

On this day, the ‘National Singer’ TOP 10 showed new charms that they had never seen before, from the stage they wanted to see again to the special collaboration with the hot topics in 2021.

First, the TOP10 opened the performance with Ulala Session’s version of ‘Beautiful’ and received enthusiastic cheers from fans. Following the atmosphere, the best stage of ‘National Singer’ unfolded. Starting with Kim Yoo-ha’s congratulatory stage, Kim Dong-hyun’s ‘Dried Flower’, Park Jang-hyun’s ‘Sigh’, Lee Solomon’s ‘Gypsy Woman’, and Park Chang-geun’s ‘The Days’, the masterpieces with deeper emotions moved the audience.

The stage of appreciation of the first national singer Park Chang-geun was also revealed. Park Chang-geun, who sang ‘Heenari’ and ‘It’s too late’ one after another, continued the stage of ‘Don’t Worry My Love’, a national comfort song, saying, “I think you’ll like it more through singing than talking a lot.”

In addition, he had a special meeting with the audience by introducing the story and singing the requested song on the spot. Kim Young-heum sang ‘Bravo My Life’ with his characteristic husky voice and gave admiration, while Park Jang-hyun gave ‘To You Again’ with a strong voice, making the audience’s eyes lit up. After that, the TOP10 members sincerely sang the stories and songs requested by the fans, sharing their sincere hearts.

[사진 = TV CHOSUN ‘내일은 국민가수 갈라쇼’ 방송 캡처]

A special collaboration also drew attention. First, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Solomon, Son Jin-wook, and Jo Yeon-ho, from the ‘National Singer’ Department of Commerce, heightened the atmosphere with the popular dance crew Coca N Butter of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ collaboration stage. .

Next, Lee Byung-chan sang Epik High’s ‘Fly’ with Wonstein and Jeong Dong-won, exuding a different synergy. In particular, Lee Byung-Chan not only sings, but also raps at a high level, drawing an enthusiastic response.

In particular, before the final stage, ‘National Troupe’ was announced as the group name of the TOP10 and drew attention. ‘National Singer’ is an abbreviation of ‘National Singer’, and the name contains the meaning of having all the music for you.

Afterwards, the TOP 10, which performed Bubble Sisters’ ‘Men Come Down Like Rain’ and Psy’s ‘Celebrity’ as the ending songs as ending songs, delivered consolation to K-Youth through Maya’s ‘Cry Me’ as the final encore stage. At this time, the audience also responded with a wave of slogans with the message ‘TOP10 I love you’, creating a deep impression.

As such, the top 10 ‘national singers’ raised expectations for the nationwide tour concert to be held from February 26th through a gala show that lasted about two hours.

On the other hand, ‘National Singer’ TOP10 will meet their fans by holding their first national tour concert at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium at 2 pm and 7 pm on February 26 and 1 and 6 pm on the 27th.
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