TOM’S Celebrates 10th Complete Car Release with Exhibition and Test Drive Event in Tokyo Bay Area

TOM’S to Host Grand Exhibition and Test Drive Event in Tokyo Bay Area

Event to Celebrate TOM’S 10th Complete Car Release

TOKYO – TOM’S, the renowned automotive tuning company, will be organizing a spectacular exhibition and test drive event dedicated to complete cars in the prestigious Tokyo Bay Area.

In a momentous occasion, TOM’S recently unveiled their latest creation, the “GR86 TS,” marking the release of their 10th complete car. To commemorate this milestone achievement, the event will span nine captivating days, taking place from September 2 to 10, at ARTA’s flagship store, “ARTA Mechanics & Inspirations,” situated in Tokyo’s vibrant Shinkiba district.

Showcasing the Finest Customized Cars

This one-of-a-kind exhibition will feature an impressive lineup of seven complete customized cars that have been unveiled by TOM’S since 2020. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire and even purchase these remarkable vehicles, including the luxurious “Century,” the iconic TOM’S “Supra,” and the stunning TOM’S Lexus “LC500 Convertible.” Moreover, selected models will offer exclusive ride-along experiences with professional drivers at the helm.

Experience the Thrill with a Test Drive

For automotive enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience, the event will also offer thrilling test drives. However, it’s important to note that the test drive sessions require advance booking through the event’s official website. Make sure to secure your spot and register promptly to avoid disappointment.

To commemorate the release of a total of 10 complete cars, TOM’S will hold a large-scale exhibition and test drive event specializing in complete cars in the Tokyo Bay Area.

With Tom’s “GR86 TS” announced on August 18, the total number of complete cars released has reached 10. To commemorate this, this event will be held for nine days from September 2 to 10 at ARTA’s flagship store “ARTA Mechanics & Inspirations “, which opened in Shinkiba, Tokyo in May this year.

We will display and sell 7 complete customized cars released after 2020, including “Century”, TOM’S “Supra”, and TOM’S Lexus “LC500 Convertible”. In addition, for some models, it is possible to experience riding together with a professional driver.

In addition, the test drive is a complete booking system, and registration is required from the website.

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