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[Toms Cup]China’s Xue Zang Shi Yuqi defeated Indonesia 0:3 and won again after 19 years

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[Title Road News]The 2021 Thomas Cup finals will be held on Sunday (17th). The defending Chinese team Xue Zang in the semi-finals claimed that he was injured and retired and was criticized by the outside world. In the end, the Indonesian team had the opportunity to take advantage. Swept China in 3 straight games and won the cup again after 19 years.

Shi Yuqi, ranked 10th in the world, faced Japanese star Kento Momota in the first singles event of the semi-finals on Saturday. He suddenly retired when his opponent was only 1 point short of winning the match. “Lose” and later changed his words and said that “in order to prevent the injury from getting worse,” the incident caused great controversy. The Chinese team played against Indonesia last night. Shi Yuqi was not sent to the battle. Instead, Lu Guangzu, ranked 27th in the world, played the first single. Facing the world No. 5 Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Jin Ting, he won 21:18 first. “Reverse victory is defeat”, losing 2 games in a row at 14:21 and 16:21.

Indonesia, which took the lead in the second game, with the doubles combination Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto defeated He Jiting/Zhou Haodong in straight sets 21:12, 21:19, and extended the lead to 2:0. The 2018 Asian Games champion, “Indonesia” “Ke Zhendong” Jonatan Christie (Jonatan Christie) immediately played in the third game. After fighting for 3 rounds, he defeated Li Shifeng “Buried Zhai” 2:1 (21:14, 18:21, 21:14) and assisted Indonesia in the field. The number 3:0 swept away the Chinese team. Since 2002, after a 19-year absence, it has won the Thomas Cup again. This is also the 14th time that Indonesia has won the title and continues to be the country with the most championships, followed by China 10 times, and Malaysia. 5 times, 1 time each in Japan and Denmark.

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Source: Comprehensive Foreign Media

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