“Ton Arch” can’t be shy! Across the domain friends in love, publisher: PPTVHD36

Young actor and DJ “Ton-At Laisakul” received the promotion of “Zen Mejka”, a female announcer and DJ, to be a special person.

Election 2023: “Entertainment people” entered the booth to practice early voting.

“Hai-Zen Paper Planes” a lot of work, but choose to accept for society. Alternatively, you can buy a private island.

Launched clear. For a couple of young actors and DJs.Ton – Ark Laisakul a “Zen – Mejka Supichyangkul” Female Announcer and DJ After taking turns posting pictures, wondering if they are in love or not. because both parties are single Also, turn on the best friend mode and work on the same radio wave for a long time.

In this event, I met a young man, “Ton”, in an activity to open Matalda’s magic shop. in the Central World therefore hastily grabbed him to ask for the heart Ready to ask about the history of meeting his former lover “Taew Nathaphon” to join in the same event as well

meet today “Quiet” too?

“I have already greeted you. We can be friends and talk normally. only meeting with a waving hand, but he had not yet had the opportunity to go inside to talk I don’t see each other often. If you ask me if I’m afraid of people watching, no, it’s very normal. Taew and I can definitely be friends, usually (do we have a chance to play a drama together?), we have to look at many things, like I said about time, how much will we able to do

Lucky in game and Lucky in love?
“(Smiling) Good, keep going, let’s study together. also close friends who work together (How to cross the friend zone?) Actually, still studying. Were friends before, it was easier to talk easier. Ask how cute he is. He’s good-natured.”

What makes you cross the friend zone?

“(shy smile) It’s a loving family, full of good nature, we’re fine and can go to the same group.”

Do we confess to him first?

“Yeah (that moment?) It’s not that confessional. It’s like talking like friends over and over.”

Couple photos as a debut?

“No, it’s normal. I always go out with someone and say hello.”
Excited already? He posted “Ton Arch” as the debut of a new love. publisher sweet girl

from friends to fans Has the feeling changed?
“Not at all, like before. Take care as before. There is no pronoun. We come from friendship It’s the same (smile) About work, they encourage each other.

How is this love good for your heart?

“Good, keep going. How are you good for your heart? It’s already good to be with a lover or to feel good (shy smile) Something like this, I believe that everyone can feel it .

Have you changed your status for a long time?

“Not yet, just started. Pronouns are not called. call your name.”

Thanks IG a_r_c_h , zen_mechaka


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