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“Tong Sit Choi” beautiful opening, stabbing a rising star, hitting 16 people, taking a career queue in Phang Nga

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“Tong Sitchoi” Wattana Phuobom, the favorite of Thai people. Thrust open the battle for the career queue Eminent-True, Phang Nga Cup, field 2, beautiful, chasing “Toto Sittum” Taweesap Kongkitcheod, an 18-year-old rising star snooker, having fun at the 4-2 frame, finishing in the round of 16 Meet “Ball Surin”

Professional snooker competition, collecting points, Thailand, item 2 “Eminent Air-True Phang Nga Cup”, the final round at Erawan Hotel, Phang Nga Province on 18 Oct. It was the first day of the competition with Mr. Siwat Wangkunkul, Takua Thung District Chief of Phang Nga Province as the president of the competition. In which the first match is a queue duel in the wild card between “Tong Sit Choi” Wattana Phuobom, the favorite of the Thai people, meets “Toto Sittum” Taweesup Kongkitchet, the 18-year-old rising star of the queue who has passed into First round for the first time

By opening the first frame, Toto Das score, slapped the lead before 9-0 Tong Tong still did not flow smoothly. But relying on experience, slapping each stick until they overtake the lead 26-14, then both take turns slapping another stick, Tong still leads 42-29 on the table, remaining yellow to black, Toto should have swept the table. when slapped yellow into the bottom right hole But White walks badly into enjoying himself. Had to solve the green snook, which was stabbed, but the ball floated, sending Tong up to pick up a single stick, green to pink, defeated 60-31, leading 1-0 frames.

Entering the second frame, the 18-year-old cue began to stab and miss 6 points, missed for Tong, pressed a single stick 83 points, won 85-6, fled 2-0. Frame three, Tong, student Choi, still strong, continued to press a single stick. 13 sets of 92 points, leading up to 3-0 frames, coming to the fourth frame, at the beginning of the game, Tong slapped 3 sets, leading 21-1, but failed to let Toto Sit Tum chase 7 and a half sets, overtaking 48-21 at the end of the game, Tong should be Win comfortably, but slap red-black, the last set with yellow, misses, slaps the green, the bottom right hole can’t go down, causing Toto to repeat the same and stabbed in a row to the blue, winning 60-37, hitting the egg 1-3 frames

In the fifth frame, the rising star of the queue did not wake up on the field. Chasing a single stick, 12 sets and a half, 91 points, chased 2-3 frames, but came to frame six, Tong, based on experience. Stabbing control of the game able to close the game to win 4-2, frames 60-31, 85-6, 92-0, 37-60, 1-95, 70-18 through to the round of 16 to meet with “ball Surin Thanaphon Boonphlod on October 19 at 12.00

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