Tonga has become a ‘gray island’… ‘Oil-drenched’ in Peru, 10,000 km away

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The aftermath of an underwater volcanic eruption in the South Pacific continues.

It looks like the island country of Tonga, but it was covered with volcanic ash and turned all gray.

There has also been an accident where oil spilled from an oil tanker, affecting as far as Peru, 10,000 kilometers away.

Reporter Park So-hee will tell you.

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A submarine volcano near Tonga that exploded like a nuclear bomb.

As volcanic ash and effluents hit the nearby island country of Tonga, the green village turned gray in an instant.

The capital, Nuku’alofa, is also covered in volcanic ash and it is difficult to find its original appearance.

Casualties are also being reported one after another.

At the time of the volcanic eruption, a huge 1.2m high tsunami swept the island, killing a British woman working as an animal welfare worker.

[닉 엘레이니/유가족]

“Early this morning our family received the sad news that Angela was found dead.”

The BBC reported that at least three people were believed to have been killed in the explosion.

In Tonga, even drinking water is difficult to find.

Neighboring countries, New Zealand and Australia, are trying to deliver relief supplies using warships and planes, but even this is not easy.

This is because the submarine cable is cut off, so communication with the outside is not possible, and the port and airplane runway are covered with volcanic ash and are not functioning properly.

[파타페히 파카파누아/통가 국회 대변인]

“The runway needs to be cleared, but the latest information I’ve heard says about 60% of it has been restored so far.”

It is expected that it will take at least two weeks for the submarine cable to be connected and the communication line to be restored, and it will take at least three days to clear the volcanic ash accumulated on the runway.

Peru, more than 10,000 kilometers away, was also affected by the volcanic eruption.

Beaches in Bentaniya, Callao Province, Peru are covered in gooey oil.

An underwater volcanic eruption caused a tsunami to hit the Pacific coast of Peru, and crude oil spilled from a tanker that was unloading at a nearby oil refinery.

This is Sohee Park from MBC News.

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