Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau helps waste sorting take multiple measures to create green fashion

Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau helps waste sorting take multiple measures to create green fashion

Publication date: 2023-02-07 14:55

Information source: Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau


In order to further improve waste distribution and lead the masses to develop green living habits, the Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau continues to carry out waste distribution law enforcement inspections, improve the management level of waste distribution, and achieve new results in distribution waste. work.

1. Focus on publicity and work hard on the word “right”. Implement waste sorting publicity work, organize team members to do publicity work and popularize general and multi-level domestic waste sorting in restaurants and shops, and spread awareness of waste sorting in the hearts of the people by distributing promotional materials, sorting information the site’s popular science, and bucket side guidelines, Effectively improve the rate of awareness of rubbish distribution and the accuracy of the distribution. At the same time, adopt the combination of “online + offline” method, and expand the scope of domestic waste distribution publicity by irregularly pushing waste distribution information in the WeChat autonomous group, and create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in distribution waste. Currently, more than 150 team members have been mobilized and more than 1,500 promotional materials have been distributed.

2. Enforcement of a special law, trying to break new ground in the word “correct”. In accordance with the principle of “education first, correction second, punishment later”, team members are organized to carry out carpet law enforcement inspections of shops, restaurants, supermarkets and other places along the street, focusing on those who fail to set up waste distribution collection containers in accordance with regulations and dispose of rubbish in accordance with distribution requirements and collection issues. At the same time, strengthen education and guidance for shops that found problems during the inspection, order them to rectify within a specified time limit, and punish those who fail to complete the correction within the prescribed time limit in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. , care Currently, a total of more than 90 stores have been inspected, and 6 cases have been investigated and dealt with.

3. Long-term management, see the real effect in the word “chang”. Establish and further improve the supervision mechanism of garbage classification law enforcement, conduct “review” actions for units that have been ordered to be corrected and punished at an early stage, conduct surprise inspections from time to time through a combination of daily inspections and random sampling inspections, and strictly refer to the relevant requirements of garbage classification Shops with problems in the previous inspection will be re-supervised to prevent domestic waste classification from being just a formality and ensure the operation of domestic waste classification. At the same time, expanding the channels and scope for the masses to participate in waste sorting management, increasing investment in law enforcement and examining the problems reported by the masses, truly achieving early detection and early stopping , and gradually form a good environment for waste sorting, co-construction, governance and pattern sharing.

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