Home Entertainment Tonnam was challenged for the first time, wiping sweat, met Remy, the top competitor. #LASTIDOLTHAILAND trending Top 5 Twitter

Tonnam was challenged for the first time, wiping sweat, met Remy, the top competitor. #LASTIDOLTHAILAND trending Top 5 Twitter

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Called it the most peak week for another week that has it all. “Last Idol Thailand Presented by True 5G” (Last Idol Thailand) who arrived halfway with another pair highlighting Remy who challenged Tonnam Temporary member number 1, center position and made a good show for both of them by making #LASTIDOLTHAILAND Trending Twitter Top 5 Let’s do this week.

This work begins EP.7 with that Temporary member number 4 Ranma Tanthaya Shichida Wearing a soul rocker girl picks up a song. Stickers of Bodyslam come fight My Achiraya Senpan little girl from the south The week before, she chose to sing. “I want to be your important person” which both My and Ranma Different shows were very impressed.

Referees in this round

Ranma, temporary member number 4 and challenger Nong My

Ranma shows songs, stickers that make new songs in her own style.

My show song, I want to be your important person.

But everything is according to the rules of the competition. is to give judging power to the referee who catches the number that matches the list specified, that isnumber 3 Called to create excitement for the 4 directors, including Song Paradox, Pat Wong Clear, Noona Nuengthida Sophon and Tik Playground very much, which the heavy burden must belong to the new director Noona Nuengthida It made him burst into tears. because she didn’t think that the first time she would be anointed by Noona chose Temporary member number 4 at Ranma Tanthaya continued to be in her position Because of Ranma’s charm, she was more attracted to Na Na.

Noona Nuengthida came to LAST IDOL THAILAND and anointed this pair.

Ranma Tanthaya Temporary member number 4 said

“It’s the third time we’ve been challenged, and I feel like we’ve been hit again. But prepare yourself every time you come to record that if this time you will get hit, try to practice to the fullest to stay With the mouse being a cool line So chose to develop his own rap to become stronger. Asked what made me win the heart of a judge like Nong Na. It really exceeded my expectations. Because from the moment that I knew that Nong Na was the chosen one I think that Nun Nana should choose My sister. He looks like a sweet person. I’m very confident and nervous. When I know that Nong Na has chosen me, I’m happy. I’m trying to convince myself that I might actually be the last person to be at number four.”

Ranma received 4 points from all 4 judges.

Then it’s time for the appearance of a sweet-faced Muay girl. Remy Irin Ronnakiat, the 10th nominee Let’s just say that Remy’s aura caused a stir in the 7 temporary members. Tonnam Banthita Santayarom, Manmuk Chadatarn Dankul, Mimi Pimmada Tangsee, Ranma Tanthaya Chichida, Simone Punnasa Tonwicha, Kee Pannipha Wongsa Chai and Tan Sudarat Wongklam not less

Remy Irin Ronnakiat, the 10th nominee

Tonnam Banthita Santayarom

and Remy also create a great surprise for the audience by choosing to challenge with Temporary member number 1, such as Tonnam-Bantita Called as the first person who dared to strike against the center Tonnam Banthita At this event, the upstream girls are both excited to have the opportunity to show their potential. Remy Irin chose to sing the song “What about the temple?” of “4 EVE”. to call the referee’s score Remy’s singing, dancing style and personality instantly brightened up the studio atmosphere.

while Tonnam Banthita I chose a different show. Singing cool rock songs like “Jump Hug” of the band “Clear” come fight this battle Remy and Tonnam’s performances are said to be very troubling to the judges. Because different people have their own unique charms.

And when the moment comes Find a judge who will be responsible for deciding the future of the two girls who will be able to continue their dreams in the idol industry. which the jackpot goes to Noona Nuengthida again because the ball number 1 was caught as specified in the list. Made him even furious.

Noona is the referee who has to decide for two rounds in a row.

After regaining consciousness, Nu Na did her duty to the fullest. by which she has chosen Upstream-Bantita Temporary member number 1 has continued to perform his duties. Remy Irin Even with tears streaming down her face because she couldn’t achieve her goal. But she can still smile because judge Noona believes in Remy’s potential that she can easily carry on what she dreams of.

Tonnam Banthita, temporary member number 1

Tonnam Banthita revealed that

“It’s the first time I’ve been challenged. There are a lot of mixed feelings. When Remy hyung walked in, he was beautiful and very cute and when he knew he challenged me. I don’t know how to feel I’m glad to be able to show it once. But on the other hand, it was also a bit awkward. In the past, I practiced a lot. but no one dared So I feel that your show is boring or not? But I do it to the fullest. The moment I realized that we were able to maintain our position was very happy. But it’s happiness that’s still uncomfortable. Seeing you cry because you seem to put too much pressure on yourself. I think that after this, the excitement issue must be resolved to cope with the pressure better. Because anyway, this is my happiness. I like to show I like to give smiles to others already. And on Sunday, July 25, let’s come to see which temporary members will be challenged next. Don’t miss it.”

Temporary member number 1, Tonnam-Bantita Santayarom

Temporary member number 2 Manmuk-Chadatarn Dankul

Temporary member number 3 Mimi-Pimmada Tangsi

Temporary member number 4 Ranma-Tantaya Shichida

Temporary member number 5 Simone-Punnasa Tonwicha

Temporary member number 6 Kae-Pannipa Wongsachai

Temporary member number 7 Tan- Sudarat Wongklam

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