Tony Adj Tired of working like this Not sure Election repairs are even more different.

Tony Adj Not finalizing the term, pointing out that the council’s collapse is just the beginning Election to repair the ‘PPC-PDP.’ will be broken.

At 8:00 pm on December 21, Tony Woodsome or Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister Participated in the discussion on CARE Talk x CARE ClubHouse in the episode “Bye-Bye 2021 : Tony Ma’s Review: Prayut can only flirt. So Prachi has only Tui.. said San.” Review of events in 2021

at the end of the conversation Some participants asked about their views on Thai politics in 2022. Tony said that I think the stability of the government is not very good. because there are still conflicts within the power of the People’s Republic The main party still exists. Election Repair Section It will cause Democrats and Pracharath powers to have some disagreements. It is normal for elections to be repaired every time. The Democratic Party it is unified talk more about each other

“I believe that the government is unlikely to stay for the full term. After watching it, it is not stable. The collapse of the council is just the beginning. the problem is today the government will hope take the money only can’t do this because of today’s economy collapsed to the structure need surgery I can’t take fragrant medicine. It’s not like I’m going to be in debt to the public. household debt which will increase the price of the product in the structure The problem is livelihood. low income people high cost I can’t stop. If I think about doing it day by day, there is no way to recover.

“The chance that the government will gain more trust is unlikely. Today’s government is tired. It’s today. Working like this is tiring.”

Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee added that see with Tony Full term government is difficult I can’t figure out how to do the 66 Budget Act. I don’t know what money I will have. I can’t continue to borrow like this. To host APEC, it’s difficult. August 2022, people keep an eye on that it’s already been 8 years since Gen. Prayut. I’d rather not gamble

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