Tony highlighted the economic policy for Thailand. Exciting, it is true but maintaining fiscal discipline

Tony highlighted the economic policy for Thailand. Exciting, it is true but maintaining fiscal discipline

On March 21, Facebook CARE • Care, Kid, Move Thai is having a live chat with Tony Woodsome or Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra on the topic Choose • Move • Thai 2566 EP4: Big Top Up, Thai people are poor! Surely it is not in the eye?

At one point, Mr Thaksin said a businessman told me that the world’s biggest bank, UBS. Takeover of Credit Suisse Bank from Switzerland It’s common news that technology is $3.2 billion, but it turns out that one thing is hidden in it: the government. This Underright lost $8 billion So if $8 billion in bad government debt was paid And this loss, UBS can use it for tax deductions, so it’s likely that Bubs won’t have to pay taxes to the Swiss government for 10 another year, which is a good deal. As for the investors who had already fallen, they were losing money, especially in Qatar, with many losses. Saudi Arabia has a small loss. Because getting later

“Credit Suisse has been talked about for years. and followed by banks in America that collapsed, 3 banks that collapsed were using hedge funds Our house guarantees only 1 million deposits. If anyone deposits more than 1 million, the state helps 1 million, but our problems should not be there. Because because Thai banks I experienced an injury before when I was in Tom Yum Kung. When injured before, trying to look at the topic Sufficient reserves Today, Thai banks are still strong. There should be no problem,” Noni said.

Tony said Bitcoin has been going up a lot lately. From the original down to more than five thousand At that time, the sixteen thousand that we said did not go any further. and today is gone No doubt ten thousand will be seen again, and some even say fifty thousand shouldn’t be a problem, anyway.

Tony said about the consequences of continued interest rate increases The person who loses the most is the one holding the ball because the price of the ball falls. The person who hurts the most is Japan. Because Japan likes to catch America’s ball. see Central Bank of America still thinking about raising interest rates To let inflation fall again Now inflation has fallen from 6.4 to 6 and would like it to fall even more. If it grows less than inflation, it’s not good Inflation 6 grows up to 2-3% I can’t take it, so they want to roll again.

Mr Thaksin said that the price of oil has now dropped to around 70 dollars per barrel. If the price of oil is this much, the government can actually bring the price of diesel down to 30 baht, but the government still thinks to keep the money straight away, here I think we need to be careful during this economic period. The Thai Pheu Party’s economic policy looks very flashy, but every speech I hear He maintains financial discipline. It looked at expenditure and income together. If you only look at the payment not looking at income Fiscal Discipline If fiscal discipline goes stability will decline

Tony also said that the city of Shenzhen is now giving money away. to the people who have kept a digital wallet distributed in digital yuan People want to use digital wallets. Shows that the Thai Pheu Party’s policy is very modern and Europe itself. The European Council has just passed a vote that Creating a digital wallet is a digital wallet. start to be accepted In fact, digital wallets are very safe, very secure and cannot be stolen because only the owner knows the password.

“I’m telling you this because Plaid Thai Pheu’s policies are very modern. It stimulates the economy from the roots. Not that people with money are outside. but is used in the city More and more in the city. There is no mansion and it continues to dry out. This is useless. In addition, it is a combination of technology, which is blockchain and GPS, to indicate that your home is here, pin it 4 km outside 4 km, you can no longer use it. This is indeed using technology to stimulate the economy. It really waters roots. if watering the roots It’s the millionaires at the top of this place for sure. and sustainably juicy But if you water at the top Leaves that are so juicy will in a short time wither and die,” said the former prime minister.


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