Tony ignores ‘Jatuphon’, listens to him, wastes ear cleaning solution, been barking for 16 years, doesn’t shake 4-5 more curse people

Tony ignored ‘Jatuporn’ and listened to him and wasted an ear cleaning solution Pong has been barking for 16 years and hasn’t been shaken by 4-5 other people.

from the case of ‘Jatuphon Phromphan’, the assembly group of the people Former President of the UDD He came out to mention Mr Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister. via Facebook Live Thailand must come first, noting that Thaksin is not a fighter. not just a merchant democrat Always thinking about profits lose the game all the time No one can break the Red Shirts. if Thaksin had not participated

latest Tony Woodsome or Thaksin Shinawatra Mr On the subject, if you have any doubts, ask Maler on the Facebook fan page. CARE • Care, think, move Thai Responding to questions about such cases, Tony said my name is Meo, Tony’s name has now been called “Barking” for 16 years and barking. Anyone who can think of anything, bark first. more military government to pass legislation retroactively I can’t sue anyone for defamation. because not in the country and tried to accuse me co-accused came to lie to me Because I know I’m not in Thailand I myself will survive the latest case, the unlucky person hit me, I will deal with it, I have been working for 16 years. Overall, it’s normal.

“Don’t listen. Earwash waste.”

When asked to look at this phenomenon As survival or not, Tony said that couples can sometimes divorce. Sometimes it takes time to know what is what. It’s okay, people, when we drive together At the intersection light Will you continue? let’s go together It’s normal, everything happens, waits, goes out, is normal.

I would like to say to all those red shirts ‘Humanity matters most’ Because humanity knows sin, merit, blame Know pain, know pain, know love, know hate, know hate Next is to be Thai. Everyone being Thai and looking at others as Thai people We have to look at other people as Thai people together. after being Thai he must be a fighter for democracy he must be with ‘democracy’ is not ‘dead democracy’. Red shirts are people who love justice. and democracy is the most important thing.”

Tony also said that there are many ways for people to survive. If people have intelligence, fighting spirit, and perseverance, there will be ways to make a living with perseverance. Some people went to eat. in the end go back home Everyone must raise a wife and a child. How to raise it depends on the person’s opinion. and how to use the potential I’ve put it down.Indifferent.Anyone who wants to insult 4-5 more people is indifferent.I’ve hit a lot already.

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