Home News Tony tells the news of the new party. Big Tu-Big Pok ‘Thai Creativity’ is named like ‘Thai Sang Thai’ by Ying Party.

Tony tells the news of the new party. Big Tu-Big Pok ‘Thai Creativity’ is named like ‘Thai Sang Thai’ by Ying Party.

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Tony tells the news of the new party. Big Tu-Big Pok ‘Thai Creativity’ is named like ‘Thai Sang Thai’ by Ying Party.

At 8 p.m. on November 23, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra or Tony Woodsom, former Prime Minister Participated in the 21st episode of CARE Talk x CARE ClubHouse. “Covid is a mess. The economy is booming, really! Did the dictator solve the problem like this?” It discussed the management of various problems of the government sector.

At one point, Tony talked about the Prime Minister’s new party. “Thai Creativity, the name is similar to Thai Creativity” and that “I have heard that the founder of the Thai Creative Party is Permanent Secretary”

When the moderator asked what she thought after a reporter asked the Prime Minister whether he would go to form a new party or not, then Prime Minister Silent Tony replied: “The law says that being silent is acceptable.”

And when asked about the new party, Tony continued, “I think he’s good at riding the swing. is to give and sit on the swing I’m not very good at doing it myself. You are not good at it. Suppose that the Thai Creativity Party, Pracharath power, different people do it. I don’t know if the 2 parties can nominate the same Prime Minister. If it’s re-established, it should be a bit tiring because brand awareness is the recognition of the party’s name. Not yet. Very high. In the end, the election of the party leader’s charisma played a part. Must have a leader with charisma

The policy issues That the Pracharath Party had already campaigned for it did not do so, Tony said. “In fact, the people did not believe in the beginning. because they promised that they wouldn’t last long.”

“At this time, I think that every political party what to offer please keep your word Otherwise people will be disappointed. The democratic system must place the people at the center. If you’re not sure, don’t say it, if you’re confident, say it and do it.”

“This is my principle. I use the method that I think is a policy that would be good for the people. and I thought in my mind first then go ask the people Use it like a focus group. assumptions about agriculture I went to meet some farmers, sit and talk. I went to talk to the local philosophers. The real people who work come to talk about whether they like it or not, and they offer it. We adjust it. Announcement is a policy, which is from our thoughts and theirs. Announced as a policy Maybe he asked for something he couldn’t. I told him that I can’t. For example, about 30 baht to cure all diseases is a progressive matter. He thought for a long time, came to tell me, and sat and talked at the party. Then crystallize the idea. I’m totally convinced that the remaching resourse is, don’t think that you’re going to spend money on it. but must be managed Thais like to set a budget. Now if you don’t have to whip it, you can mix it again correctly. The digit that you make at 30 baht is made from here. If it blooms, it is a failed management. definitely grow up But you must not grow up to jump like this.”

“The policy now The Pheu Thai Party would probably do the same. crystallize first to meet with those directly affected.”

Tony also referred to the 2nd Thai Rak Thai election, where at that time, Mr. Anek Seth-Nan, the Mahachon Party, he issued a policy, he got a lot, but I think he couldn’t, but I said that the real thing must have a picture. Mr. Seal, the package is important. It’s me. The people are hey, so people believe that The policy we can actually do I came out and we got 377 votes.

“When I campaigned to help Yingluck, he said what to do, competitors bought a lot of votes, so I said, brothers and sisters, who gave you money, accept it. All our money. If you give less, ask for more. Okay, don’t choose. I have to choose for Thailand only. There is only one district. My MP Noname won. The minister who sat in the position even used a lot, said Luang Por Koon. Getting money to buy no crow’s voice is not a sin because it’s wrong,” concluded Tony.

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