Too little, too little time ~ LAZ1 invites me to record the last memories at LAZ1’s ONCE FUN PARTY concert.

Once upon a time long ago…

A talented boy band From the dreams and dedication of 35 contestants to the perfect combination of 5 differences. create a phenomenon Let’s take the T-POP industry to the next level.

throughout the period 1 One year after completing the programme “LAZICON” both 5 Young has created many works that are visible to the public eye. But it is said that happy times always pass quickly. At last he came to the conclusion of the first step of the two 5 Poor young, although it sounds like a tragic end, but at the same time he is preparing to grow into a new path in the entertainment industry.

both 5 Young revealed his feelings for the people. LASER thatFirst of all, we must say that LAZ1 I didn’t break the band. (laugh) This concert is like a starting point in the line of entertainment. to be able to grow one step further…”

want to invite LASER Everyone, let’s make happiness together. keep good moments together Be it happiness or suffering over the last period And keep it as a good memory to carry with all of us. I can assure you that we will make the most of this time and make the most of it. Let’s meet.

This is the last time, won’t you really come? 🥺 come and meet LAZ1 in ONCE LAZ1 BIG PARTY On March 11 at the Muang Thai Rachadalai Theater, around 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, 2 times together, say 4 This February, set the clock.Warm up your fingers well. 10.00 n. We have an appointment at Let’s stick to the price of the card. 4,500 / 3,900 / 3,500 / 2,900 a 1,500 baht

Follow the movement of LAZ1 Let’s capture every moment of memories together on social media. LAZ1 OFFICIAL every channel and no matter what come and cheer him up Join us on the next journey of LAZ1 together!

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