too weak? Diablo 4 druid character performance debate

past 25from some 3daily diablo 4There was open proof of. In this public test which was revealed in the test last week. 3in addition to the dog’s job, Added Druid and Necromancer. Among them, gamers’ reactions to Druid are mixed.

First of all, it is noted that the likes and dislikes of the Druid’s appearance are shared.. Druids in Diablo 4 The overall look has been described as a bulky character rather than a beautiful figure, and some players are unhappy with this.. on the official forum Seriously, There is no reason wild survivors are obese“, “Being able to transform into a bear doesn’t always mean you have to look like a bear.“, “Diablo 2already had thin druidsMany negative reactions are seen. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that the location makes sense considering that the background of the druids is distantly related to the barbarians..

Except for the appearance part, which is an area of ​​likes and dislikes, there is much debate about the overall performance of the character.. In this public test, many opinions were raised that the performance of Druids was poor.. The most noted point is that the character’s attack power is too weak.. Generally The base damage of the skill is low, The character’s movement is evaluated as slow.. Here The defensive ability is also not outstanding compared to other positions, so many note that there are no advantages.

Diablo revealed so far 4 according to gameplay, Melee characters are generally designed to be at a disadvantage in combat compared to ranged characters.. Druid is a hybrid class, switching between melee and ranged attacks depending on the situation. but, There are many evaluations that close range combat is difficult because the defense skill is fixed and the efficiency is not high, and many users say that it is difficult to defeat the boss in comparison with other classes because there is no dramatic effect even when transforming into a bear or wolf depending on the use of the skill.

It is the current situation that leads to the druidtogether He is being analyzed because he looks particularly weak compared to the necromancer and other characters that have been revealed.. In the case of the newly revealed necromancer, he displayed strong attack power enough to be said to be nervous., In the case of elemental magicians, unlike the image of glass cannons, their defense skills were evaluated as very effective..

on the official forum not so funny“, “This is the worst designed class in any game I’ve seen.“, “Bear Transformation Claw does too little damage, Defense barely rises“, “catch the boss 8it took a minute, I will never play this clown again.”There are many posts complaining about Druid’s performance.

However, there is analysis that it is a little too early to judge Druid’s overall performance at this time. Looking at the current problems with druids, they are similar to those previously raised in barbarians. Many pointed to the fact that the performance of the Barbarians was weak, but the development team directly revealed that the barbarian job mechanic was designed to become stronger in the latter half of the game, and the controversy subsided. Druids, like Barbarians, can also show a strong late game. Additionally, as the development team hinted at a character balance tweak patch in a previous interview, there’s a good chance it will be different from what was revealed in this test.

Diablo 4 will be officially released on June 6th, and buyers of the deluxe and Ultimate editions will be able to play from June 2nd.


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