“Toom Tam” takes the position of The icon of the MAN Thailand 2022, but the drama is not suitable?

Toomtam Yuttana has been named the MAN Thailand 2022 icon of the MAN Thailand 2022 competition.

For Tom Tam Yuttana, he recently took a new job. More than ever to be the Icon of the Man Thailand The Icon of the MAN Thailand 2022 from Thailand’s 1st handsome boys competition The Man Thailand The MAN Thailand 2022

first step single step That gives good opportunities to handsome men from all 77 provinces across Thailand. come and compete for the position The Man Thailand The 1st position of Thailand MAN 2022 will receive a total of over 500,000 baht. Give heavily There is still a chance to get noticed in the fashion industry. the entertainment industry as well

who wins continues to participate in the competition On the real big goddess of the world Mr World Mr World 2023, the stage of the world’s number 1 handsome competition that Thailand will host A great competition has been organized.

Mr. Stage World Mr World is ranked as the number 1 handsome boy competition in the world. Copyright owner is Beauty Queen Julia Morley of Miss World Miss World

is Nui Ittikorn Charoenkarn, Director of the Competition Department And it is also a famous designer brand Itthikorn. Itthikorn used to be the Art Director for Fashion TV Fashion TV for 10 years in Paris, France.

Hurry up and say, “Where does the prosperity follow? I said that Nong Tum is suitable for all points. good at singing You can also play movies. The shape of the face is very detailed. The summary is the best.”

As for Knot Kritin Jikit, the artist, the manager of the competition, answered loudly as follows: “Tom yam soup is complete, short, more suitable for the site The Icon of the Man Thailand, The icon of the MAN Thailand 2022”

and New Kritidej Prachanukul, copyright holder The Man Thailand, The MAN Thailand and Mr. World Mr World opened their hearts to say, “We have a thorough selection team. until the most suitable prosperity with our big site, Icon of the Man Thailand, Icon of the MAN Thailand 2022 ”

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