Top 10 Brokers Highest market share for 9 months, year 65

  amid ongoing volatility in the Thai stock market But investors were found to continue trading in Thai stocks as well. By searching for information through the SETSMART website during the past 9 months (January-29 September 65), it was found that investors traded securities through 38 Thai brokers with a total value of more than 24.89 trillion baht.

In this regard, “Thai E-finance News Agency” has collected information about the top 10 brokers. The highest market share for the last 9 months, that Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Up to No. 1 with about 18.32% of the market share, followed by KGI Securities 7.58%, Finansia Syrus Securities 5.52%, Kingsford Securities 5.21% , JP Morgan Securities 4.94%, Bualuang Securities 4.76%, UBS Securities 4.19%, Maybank Securities 4.02%, CGS-CIMB Securities 3.85% and Yuanta Securities 3.49%.

Top 10 Brokers highest market share

broker Market Share Total turnover
Kiatnakin Phatra Securities
18.32% 4.96 million baht.
KGI Securities
7.58% 2.05 million baht.
Securities Finance Cyrus
5.52% 1.49 million baht
Kingsford Securities
5.21% 1.41 million baht.
JPMorgan Securities
4.94% 1.33 million baht
Bualuang Securities
4.76% 1.29 million baht.
UBS Securities
4.19% 1.13 million baht.
Maybank Securities
4.02% 1.08 million baht.
CGS-CIMB Securities
3.85% 1.04 million baht.
Yuanta Securities
3.49% 0.94 million baht

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