Top 10 Celebrities Emitting the Most Polluting Co2 Using Private Jets by 2022

In the research, it was reported that private jet ofTaylor Swift emissioncarbon dioxideUp to 8,293.54 tons out of 170 flights, taking a total of 22,923 minutes, or about 15.9 days on average. Each of her flights averaged about 80 minutes per flight.

by quantity Carbon, Co2 from Taylor Swift’s use of aircraft rather than carbon emissions The average of the average person is 1,184.8 times. and has been recorded that She used to take the shortest private flight, 36 minutes, flying from Missouri to Nashville.

However, a spokesman for Taylor Swift Came out to defend through Rolling Stone magazine that the number of carbon emissions came from Taylor Swift lending friends planes to travel to various places. where she sits very little by herself Along with saying that the information disclosed is not correct at all.

while the sports circle has the name Floyd Mayweather Jr. the top American undefeated boxer at number 2 on this list; and A-Rod Alex Rodriguez famous baseball players in the US Came in 4th place

The list of 10 celebrities has the highest carbon dioxide emissions. Co2 creates the highest pollution. From the use of private jets in 2022 are as follows:

1. Taylor Swift 8,293.54 tons
2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 7,076.8 tons
3. Jay Z (Jay-Z) 6,981.3 tons
4. A-Rod 5,342.7 tons
5. Blake Shelton, 4,495 tons
6. Steven Spielberg, 4,465 tons
7. Kim Kardashian, 3,772.85 tons
8. Mark Wahlberg 3,493.17 tons
9. Oprah Winfrey: 3,493.17 tons
10. Travis Scott, 3,033.3 tons

Update : 1 Aug. 65