Top 10 REAL foreign stocks gain after ‘DTAC’ merger drives inflows of more than 1.2 billion

Thai stock market Last week (February 27 – March 3) with a total trading value of 319,054.82 million baht according to the index of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. (SET Index) Trading closed at the end of the week at 1,606.88 points, down 1.66% from last week’s end of 1,634.02 points.

– Net sales of foreign investors of 10,142.33 million baht.

– Securities company account with net sales of 2,450.12 million baht

– Net institutional investors buy 5,394.15 million baht

– Domestic retail investors bought a net of 7,198.30 million baht.

However, if considering buying “NVDR” account (NVDR) which is another option for foreign investors to buyThai Stocks The latest information on March 3 found that

The top 10 stocks most bought by foreign investors are:

1. TRUE net purchase value 1,290.97 million baht

2. PTT Net purchase value 780.54 million baht

3. Net purchase value of BBL 157.65 million baht

4. Net purchase value of KBANK 141.32 million baht

5. Net purchase value of HANA 118.72 million baht

6. SAWAD net purchase value 109.92 million baht

7. Net purchase value of the GULF 100.58 million baht

8. Net purchase value of BJC 96.03 million baht

9. MAKRO net purchase value 73.33 million baht

10. TU Net purchase value 72.42 million baht

The top 10 stocks most sold by foreign investors are:

1. DELTA net sales value 500.62 million baht

2. Net sales value of ADVANC 352.86 million baht

3. EA net sales value 216.42 million baht

4. Net sales value of PTTEP 186.86 million baht

5. Net sales value of BH 131.33 million baht

6. Net sales value of HMPRO 130.33 million baht

7. Net sales value of CPN 101.78 million baht

8. Net sales value of PTTGC 96.37 million baht

9. Net sales value of BEM 92.71 million baht

10. Net sales value of BDMS 91.93 million baht