Top 10 World Sports News The Saddest Joy of 2020 – More Sports Articles

2021 will be another difficult year for the world’s population. who have to face the problem of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus that has a wide impact, both directly and indirectly

by the sports industry because it is an activity that requires a large group of people to come together but there is a solution changed until it was able to pass through

In the past year, the world sports industry has many events happening today, SMMSPORT will bring news of world sports. Let’s follow that. in the past year what happened

1.Olympics 2020

The greatest sporting event of mankind The “Olympic Games” is scheduled to be held in Tokyo in 2020. Japan But when encountered with the deadly virus, Covid-19, causing the competition to be postponed for 1 year, although there is still an epidemic In addition, the people in the country objected to the arrangement. But in the end it was managed with strict control measures without spectators on the field. And has been praised from around the world that Japan hosted the tournament was impressive. Despite some athletes being infected with COVID-19

2. Qatari-Italian athletes win gold coins together

There are a lot of events going on at the 2020 Olympics. But what impresses sports fans around the world the most is probably. case of high jump In the finals, when Mutaz Essa Barsim, an athlete from Qatar with Gianmarco Tambury, an Italian athlete. They compete for the gold medal closely, starting at 2.19 meters and jumping at the same height of 2.37 meters.

The final battle height of 2.39 m, of which the two jumped three times, were unsuccessful. Can’t find a winner until the referee asked Mutaz Essa Barsim, “Will you continue to compete until you get a winner?” The Qatari athlete responded that “If I give both gold medals, will I get it?” The referee replied that it could be done. At that moment, the image that came out was a picture that impressed sports fans around the world. When the two athletes hugged to show the joy of winning the gold medal together.

3. The secret relationship of “Peng Shwe”

It was a shock to the world when “Peng Shwe”, a 35-year-old Chinese tennis player, the world’s number 1 degree in the women’s doubles category. Has come out to reveal the story of their secret relationship with “Zhang Gaoli”, the former Vice Premier of China. Via social media, but in the end the story was removed from the system. Including her mysterious disappearance, lost contact for more than 2 weeks.
From such events The world’s sporting industry pressured the Chinese government to prove the truth and find out if she was still safe. After having a picture of her Had a video call with Thomas Buck, president of the International Olympic Games. But no one is sure if she was forced or not until the WTA Women’s Tennis Association announced that all tournaments in China have been canceled, although Peng Shwe will come out to clarify that. It’s all a misunderstanding. But no one believed it as much.

Italy wins Euro 2020 football championship

The European National Football Championship, or “Euro”, was originally scheduled to play in 2020, but faced the problem of COVID-19. Must postpone the competition to kick in 2021, which the Italian national team Excellent show by winning the penalty England 3-2 after a draw at 120 minutes 1-1 is considered the European Championships. The second period in the history of Italian football. After having won this tournament in 1968

5. “Messi” moves shock the world

It is normal for professional footballers to move clubs. But a superstar player Which is considered a legend of the club is a matter that has created a lot of interest, that is the case of the legendary Barcelona player Lionel Messi. The top team of Spanish La Liga, known as the pot players. Has been with the club for 21 years.
No one would have thought that Messi would leave the club because he had previously announced he would retire from football at Barcelona. But in the past summer He had to say goodbye after the club failed to extend a new contract. Due to the high wage ceiling set by La Liga, he moved to a famous team in the perfume city like Paris Saint-Germain.

6. The scandalous news of the twins, the rubber girl of the ginseng country.

Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young, two twin girls volleyball players. of the South Korean national team had to carry stuff and move to play a career in a foreign country After the scandal They bullied their classmates in elementary and middle school. until causing heavy resistance from the society in south korea Even though she apologized and tried to pay for the heroic deeds of his childhood
Such acts resulted in the twins being excluded from the South Korean national team, plus the Incheon Heungkook Live Insurance Pink Spiders in the South Korean Volleyball League had to withdraw their names from the team. In the end, both had to move to play in foreign leagues. after unable to do any activities in South Korea

7. Athletes escape death from the Taliban

This is another story that shocked the world a lot. After Afghanistan has been the Taliban Invaded the country after the US and international troops announced their withdrawal from the country. It is well known that the Taliban are extremely strict and restrict women’s rights. by prohibiting women from playing sports
As a result, female athletes fled to their deaths. asylum abroad The news revealed that A female athlete was punished with beheading. and a young female athlete was arrested There are also international agencies that can assist athletes seeking asylum from the Taliban. many lives as well and which is famous for the case of youth footballers escaping the plane but fell on the way and died miserably

8. Wada Ban Thailand, North Korea, Indonesia

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) issued a statement in October banning Thailand, North Korea and Indonesia from hosting international sporting events, banning flags at international sporting events for one year. by Indonesia and North Korea Banned because domestic doping centers do not have equipment and effective detection tools for banned substances. Thailand is banned for not following Wada’s regulations.
After that, Thailand hastened to amend the relevant laws. It is expected to be completed by February next year, but in the meantime. Thai national team athletes Wherever you go to compete, you can’t use the Thai flag. in the competition using the flag of the Olympic Committee of Thailand instead until there was a drama in the world of social media

9. Outstanding Thai athletes

2021 is the year of Thai sports. With good results on the world stage, starting from the Olympic Games “Tennis” Panipak Wongpatanakit, a Thai national female Taekwondo athlete, won the gold medal, defeating Adriana Cerezo Iglesias from Spain got it in the last 7 seconds, 11-10, making history as the first Thai in Taekwondo. who won an Olympic gold medal And is also the number 1 in the world as well.
“Pro Meow” Papangkorn Thawatchanakit, Thai female golfer Show work to win a major title like ANA Inspiration won the golfer award. The LPGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year, playing 17 titles in 2021, winning one major title, finishing 9 top 10, 2 top 20 finishes, and also holds a record of playing well in the top 10. of various items as well
Petanque, the Thai women’s team won the World Championship for the 8th time at the 2021 World Petanque Championship in Spain in November, with the Thai national team consisting of Thongsee Tamakot, Pantipha Wongchuwet, Nanthawan Fuengsanit and Amphawan Suwanphruek. Phong defeated France in the final 13-12.
At the end of the year, “Bas” Dechapol Puavarankroh and “Po Por” Sapsiri Taerattanachai, Thai mixed doubles badminton players. Show performance wins badminton Yonex Thailand Open 2020, Toyota Thailand Open 2020, World Tour Champion Indonesia Open 2021, Indonesia Masters 2021, BWF World Tour Final 2021, Hai Lo Open 2021 (Germany), Badminton World Championship 2021 in Spain until becoming a world guide.

10. The United States brings its allies to boycott China.

The United States, led by President Joe Biden, has announced a diplomatic boycott with China. To stand up against human rights violations and genocide cases of Uighurs in Xinjiang, including the crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong and political activism in Tibet. without sending representatives to participate in the Winter Olympics but also send athletes to compete
After that, US allies Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Japan also joined the boycott. Although many nations disagree Because it is viewed that sports should not be involved in politics.



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