Top 5 b-side songs written and composed only by Kenji

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Composer and producer known for Girls’ Generation’s ‘Reunited World’ and BoA’s ‘My Name’.

Kenji, who has many fans with producer Yoo Young-jin, came back after 5 years, and in a press conference held, Taeyeon revealed that she asked Kenji for a song. The words, the melody, and the world view that goes with ‘Reunited World’ must have been the intention of not only the members, but also the producer Kenji, who has been with him for the that period and that history. From Berkeley College of Music, starting with SM’s A&R, BoA, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, TVXQ, SHINee, EXO and NCT. Kenji, who has built the creative of a period by working with contemporary artists and composers for over 20 years. It’s too short and pathetic to list his famous songs to just a few songs in one article, but for Girls’ Generation’s comeback, I will at least slightly select the songs he wrote, composed and arranged itself by Kenji.I chose a song to be If you’re like me, you’ll like it.

1.SM TREF – ‘Hot Post’

You can’t say how grateful SM Entertainment is for uploading this music video in high definition again. If Na Young-seok’s YouTube content thrives on a label basis these days, in the past, it was quite fashionable to produce seasonal albums for labels like YG Family, SM TOWN, and Galgali Family. Among them, the summer and winter season albums of Wilderness Club, nay, SM TOWN, were of great quality. From TVXQ, Super Junior to Fly to the Sky and HOT together, it’s a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else. If you were born in the 90s, Cassiopeia, and Jumping Boa, wouldn’t it still be the summer song you listen to? (By the way, Hi, Summer Day yaya is also Kenji’s song.)

2. BoA – ‘Garden in the Sky’

This song was recently remade by Baekhyun and became more popular. However, as all Boa fans know, this is also the most popular of Boa’s songs. BoA, who has a close relationship with Kenji, worked on ‘Milky Way’ and ‘My Name’ and became a regular in 2005. worked on this song along with the follow up song ‘Moto’. Even though it was released 15 years ago, it’s still a tasteful song even if you listen to it now. BoA’s unique beautiful low-mid tone stands out.

3. SHINee – ‘Green Rain’

With Go Hyun-jung, aired in 2013. This song, which used to be a drama OST, is also a song that receives song requests from the radio when it rains. Along with ‘Stand by me’, which is the OST, ‘Green Rain’, which melts SHINee’s harmony well, not only has a refreshing melody, but also the lyrics that contain nostalgia for childhood. ‘I was always childish and immature, but the only thing that grew bigger were your eyes, your smile, you believed in me’. I am grateful for the people who stood by my side even in the face of an uncertain future. A song about a promise that should not be forgotten.

4. TVXQ – ‘One’

TVXQ’s 2nd studio album, released in 2005 of songs. Although the story of the five members is gone, it is still one of the most loved songs. This is a song that Kenji took part in writing, composing and arranging. It was also the OST.

5.f(x)_fx -Sign

Looking at the New Jeans created by Director Min Hee-jin, I can’t help but think of f(x) for granted. Here are some of the songs you must listen to in the summer for K-pop fans. f(x)’s ‘Pink Tape’ is such an existence. Even if headphones appeared in a number of K-pop music videos, they didn’t have as much of an impact as their appearances in f(x) and New Jeans. songs by f(x) Ratchata, Signal, Milk, Jetbyul, Hot Summer and Pinocchio. (I didn’t write, compose, or arrange the lyrics myself, so I banned it here.) Will the two people who will go down in history ever meet again? Cheering for New Jeans’ new move. Now that it’s a memory, I recommend another beautiful f(x) as the last song.

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