Top athletes ready to go “Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 2022”

On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Mr. Sirapop Duangsodsri, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports He presided over the press conference on the preparation of the competition And the launch of the leading runner Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 2022 with Mr. Sakchai Kunanuwat Chaidej Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province Mr. Tanukiat Chanchum, Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Catherine POLETTI, President of the UTMB Group, and world-class trail runners such as former champions from China Fuzhao Xiang, Jiaju Zhao from China, Christophe Le Saux from France, Tyler Andrew from the USA, Jordi Gamito from Spain, Vlad Ixel from Australia, Gediminas Grinius from Lithuania, Jason Schlarb from the USA, Sanya Khanchai and Picchanan Mahachoke, Thailand’s best runners. Attend this press conference at Chong Kham Conference Room Chiang Mai Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort

Mr. Siraphop Duangsodsri, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports Said the Ministry of Tourism and Sports The Sports Authority of Thailand has tried to push And support running routes to reach the international level since 2017, with working groups from many agencies such as the Ministry of Defense Ministry of Resources Natural and Environment Ministry of Public Health ministry of interior and many more agencies that have joined to organize the Doi Inthanon trail running competition, Chiang Mai Province Until it was finally selected as one of the areas of the UTMB World Series in 2017, can show higher potential every year Until this year, Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB has been selected as one of the top three courses in the world.

Now it can be said for sure that Thailand is “One of the trail running centers in the world” the only one on the Asia-Pacific continent. which is a new source of income for the country which will create economic effects of hundreds of millions of baht every year from the above success of the event It is nice to have the Cabinet meeting Officially decided for Thailand to host Country Thai Doi Inthanon by UTMB between 2023-2025 and Thailand Amazean Jungle by UTMB between 2023-2028.

Sakchai Kunanuwatchaidej Mr. Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province said that Thailand’s Doi Inthanon by UTMB Stadium is a major Asia-Pacific stadium Chiang Mai is probably the capital of track sports in Thailand. where the residents of Chiang Mai have the opportunity to welcome and welcome runners and followers of Mae Thais and foreigners for the third year in a row, the province has fully prepared and cooperated with a determination to be a good host. Make a good impression on guests Remember when you go back and wait to come back again Which has been accepted by various agencies in the province, such as the provincial health care department Medical and emergency assistance that prompted more than 160 personnel, student volunteers from the National Sports University Chiang Mai Campus Chiang Mai University Rajabhat More than 200 people from Chomthong Vocational College, or volunteers from villagers from 20 villages through which the race route runs, are also convenient . Get the cheerleaders ready to encourage the runners. Chiang Mai strongly believes that the Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB competition will be another important annual event in the province. stay with the people of Chiang Mai

UTMB Group President Catherine Poletti said she was delighted. because after traveling to Bangkok twice And this time Chiang Mai and Doi Inthanon finally arrived.I was very happy.Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB is the first major event of the UTMB Asia-Pacific World Series and this is also the main event in the region. Congratulations to the Sports Authority of Thailand and Running Connect for creating such a great collaboration. Thanks to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. without good and continuous support He would not be able to achieve great success despite the very challenging situation due to Covid-19. In the last 2 years, we have seen this event continue to grow. until becoming one of the biggest events in Thailand
The number of runners this year has made Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB one of the biggest events in the UTMB World Series, and it also shows that Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB is an important event for athletes and their families. Travel to experience a country full of hospitality and give them the opportunity to experience the beautiful trails in Doi Inthanon National Park and the city of Chiang Mai.

In addition, this year’s Doi Inthanon event was also broadcast live by the UTMB LIVE team We have brought the whole team to work closely. to ensure that the audience waits to see He will be able to follow athletes from all over the world without missing important shots. While getting a glimpse of the race at the same time after two years of not being able to travel Me and the UTMB team from Chamonix. France Nice and excited to be standing with you today and sharing our experiences this weekend with you.

Mr. Tanukiat Chanchum, Deputy Governor of Professional Sports and Boxing This year, the number of applicants for the competition has almost doubled since last year. More than 5,400 athletes from 64 countries around the world gathered in Chiang Mai. which causes more spending in the province

for this year’s race route Runners will have the opportunity to run through every highlight on Doi Inthanon. It is a race distance that the working group must take care of athletes from all 6 categories, a total distance of more than 230 kilometers, passing through 13 summits and a total cumulative height of more than 21,281 meters, which is considered important history for Inthanon SUMMIT 160 runners who will have conquered the high point of Siam at a height of 2,565 meters, which corresponds to the year 2022, including the identity of the remaining competition, including the “Bwa Sali” , the start and finish arch inspired by the Traditions of the people of Chom Thong District Built from 1,500 bamboo trees by the craftsmanship of the northern region That took more than 3 weeks to build, “Khiew Khai Ka” conqueror’s cup and medal, ceramic pottery medal, a famous product from Chiang Mai. “Nong Chang In”, the official mascot of the competition There are also cheerleaders and Performances that add to the fun in service areas on the performance route in the opening ceremony And closed by national artists who are excellent in Thai identity, decorating and colors the lights on the beautiful race track. Exhibitions of the world’s leading sports brands, including clothes, shoes and trail running equipment, from more than 40 sports brands on an area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters, food kiosks serving runners. During the 24 hour race day, participants will remember these. And Thai and foreign followers, both 20,000 people, is another important history of trail running in Thailand.

After that, a funding ceremony was held for the development of trail running in Thailand and Hong Kong. with the aim of developing the potential of trail running sport has exchanged information and the opportunity to participate in the trail running competitions of the two countries and to stimulate sports tourism throughout the region. especially in Thailand and Hong Kong is sustainable by MR.SHEUNG-YUEN LEE, Chairman of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Bangkok (HKTEO Bangkok), presented to the Sports Authority of Thailand. Received by Mr. Tanukiat Chanchum, Deputy Governor, Sports Authority of Thailand
Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 2022 competition, start point and finish line at Doi Inthanon National Park office. The competition will have 6 distances, namely SUMMIT 160, a distance of 170 kilometers, an accumulated elevation of 10,045 meters, CLIFFS 100, a distance of 104 kilometers, an accumulated elevation of 6,107 meters, PAGODA 50, a distance of 55 kilometers, and an elevation of 3,186 meters, TERRACE 20, distance of 24 kilometres, and elevation 3,186 meters Cumulative 1,067 meters Loads 10 distance 14 kilometers cumulative elevation 712 meters WARM-UP Distance RUN 4 kilometers cumulative elevation 199 meters

able to attend the opening ceremony And close to national artists who are excellent in Thai identity, music, performances, light and sound, spectacular in the event and in the service point on the route. Ready to rub shoulders with the elite who took part in this competition And meet the world’s leading sports brand stores, including clothing, shoes and trail running equipment, from more than 40 sports brands on an area of ​​more than 1,500 meters square, such as Hoka, Camelbak, Altra, Coros, Oakley, Salomon, The Northface, Suunto, Coros. , Rev. Runnr, Kailas, Saucony, Base Camp, etc. between 8-11 December 2022 at the Doi Inthanon National Park office. And follow the competition on UTMB’s Doi Inthanon Thailand Facebook page.

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