Top Daraneenuch is delighted that entertainers are happy to marry their son. revealing that the daughter-in-law had been greatly abused by her mother

And have a moment before the event starts?

TOP: That is, since before the wedding day. We have not met him. and when we put on make-up He walked in and hugged us, and my mother hugged.

Gut: We want to go to Bendith, we feel like it’s the biggest event in our lives. If not for the mother’s blessing We are not so confident, Mother gave me a blessing, patted my head, told me everything would be fine.

TOP: (Tears flow, right?) Tears flowed for the bill (laughter), but at 3 in the afternoon I will faint because we finished the ceremony when the elder relatives came to bless the child. We go back up to the room. We seem to be fainting Also, we just recovered from COVID. So we slept for a while until 6 o’clock, my friend called to follow me to come down quickly, we jumped up. Then many meet guests. We got power right away. I didn’t eat rice Because when going to work, it’s right, it’s powerful. We are people like this.

Gut : The starting point of a gut since birth. everything in our life came from this woman. That’s what my mother gave me. The good friendships we’ve had are all from my mother. Thank you, No matter how you explain it, it’s not enough.

TOP: Thanks to him being born as our son, we have a good son, never bothering us. Our child is a product that is not created but molded into it Our motherhood is complete.

Gut: I feel that it is a great virtue for me to be born as a mother’s child. that we have been loved since childhood Growing up, I have friends from my mother who love us. These things are the qualities we get, As we become ordained, we do our best for our mother.


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