‘Top lazyloxy’ falls madly in love with ‘beer’, meets the right person and fully asks for it. not jealous of heterosexual love

‘Top lazyloxy’ falls madly in love with ‘beer’, meets the right person and fully asks for it. not jealous of heterosexual love

There is 1 more fanatic love for the young rapper. Top Pathompop Poolklan or Top lazyloxy On the latest, he has revealed his status as a fan with Beer Passaranan Atsamonkol or Beer The Voice, and he also has a sweet couple moment. come out and see all the time this work is referred to as any man I love you so much

Top Pathompop Pond

“It’s something I haven’t done in a long time, so I’m excited to do what I want. Because if you look at me, I definitely can’t do something like this.”

Although there was a bit of embarrassment in some corners, TOP said, “It’s just a feeling that I give more to beer. It’s up to people to look at the rest. He was pleased and thanked.”

Before he came to study until he was promoted to the status of being a fan, TOP said that during the whole period we spoke very little.

“He didn’t come to talk often. disappear intermittently And then we had more conversations” until we came out on a date before rice. Watch movies and listen to music together like a normal couple.

“I think I like it more. because I know him better. Not because I already like it.”

“I like his personality, I think if I had known him earlier, I might not have liked him as much.”

How many months have you been dating? “Not long ago. I just asked to be a girlfriend not long ago.”

As for what many people thought when they first opened, he fell madly in love with them. TOP smiled shyly before opening his heart.

“It’s normal, just because I’m a famous person? So people see it that way, but it’s actually very normal. I think I express love early because I haven’t done it in a long time. I think if you meet the right person If it clicks, then it’s full.

Top Pathompop Pond

with the girlfriend’s sexuality TOP also made it clear that he was not jealous, but was called more concerned.

“I’m worried. I’m worried. Not too worried. It’s not banned, but I’m worried. Man, what are you looking at? But I like to watch too (laughs).

“It’s normal for us to be sexual too, men and women. Being sexual is not wrong. (What did they say?) He wouldn’t have come to stop or worry about anything.

Do you have to scan a sexy photo that has been beer down first? “No, I’ll help you look less sexy. But if it’s not cool or pretty, I’m banned. You have to make it look good.”

with another issue Who was caught looking like Professor Toey Apiwat Boon Anek, the young singer said that

“I really can’t do anything. If we are the same or similar, we really don’t want other people to be referred to something like this. Because when there is something to talk about, what do they compare? I don’t want it to happen like that.”

“I greeted Teacher Toey in secret. Talk maybe there will be one song together soon Professor Toey (laughs) DM is to talk to him He’s interested He can tell. Let’s keep it a secret.”

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