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Ryoyo Elec From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan”

■ Ryoyo Electro 8068> 3,180 yen +501 Yen (+18.7%) stop height Today’s closing price TSE highest prime rate rise
Ryoyo Electro 8068> suddenly rebounded. It hit the 3,000-yen mark and hit a new high for the year so far. After trading closed on the 31st, along with the publication of consolidated financial results for the first quarter (February to April) of the financial year ending January 2012, the company issued an upward revision to its full-year earnings forecast . The sales forecast has been raised from 120 billion yen to 128 billion yen (down 1.5% year-on-year), and the final profit forecast has been raised from 5.5 billion yen to 7.5 billion yen (2.5 times the previous year). In addition, the annual dividend forecast has been revised from 120 yen to 160 yen, an increase of 50 yen from the previous term, by 40 yen. It seems that the buyers who would like these things have gathered. The results for the February-April period, when the ICT/solutions area performed well, were reflected in the full year forecast. In addition, the fact that Ryosan 8140> became an equity method associate is expected to exceed the provisional figure for the negative goodwill gain, which will also contribute. Sales for the period from February to April were 32,586 million yen, up 4.8% from the same period last year, and the final profit was 4,923 million yen, up 5.9 times from the same period last year.

■ Shinko Electric Industry<6967>5,540 yen+560 Yen (+11.2%)temporary stop is high Today’s closing price Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime No. 2 rate of increase
Shinko Electric Industry<6967>surge in the late afternoon and hit new highs since the beginning of the year. On this day, Fujitsu<6702>As for Shinko Kogyo, which aims to sell its share, the US investment funds KKR and Bain Capital, as well as the Innovation Investment Corporation and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.<7912>Some said they were interested in bidding. Investors who expected a premium to be added to the stock price at the time of sale appeared to have collected. According to reports, Fujitsu plans to sell all its shares in Shinko Kogyo and has already appointed a financial adviser. Although negotiations are at an early stage, Fujitsu is adjusting to accepting offers that include the option of selling all its shares, as well as acquiring all the remaining shares through a TOB (Tender Offer).

■ LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY<7157>966 yen+76 Yen (+8.5%) Today’s closing price
Lifenet Life Insurance<7157>loudly. According to the large-scale holding report submitted to the Ministry of Finance on May 31 by Oasis Management, a Hong Kong investment fund, the holding ratio of Lifenet shares was found to be more than 5% from the new at 6.50%. In response to this, there was speculative buying on supply and demand. The purpose of holding shares is to invest in portfolios and make important offers. The reporting obligation comes on 24 May.

■ Fujitsu<6702>18,875 yen+1,155 Yen (+6.5%) Today’s closing price
Fujitsu<6702>is an increase in the aftermarket increase.Shinko Industry Supplemental electricity<6967>It was reported on the same day that US investment funds KKR, Bain Capital, and Japan Innovation Investment Corporation (JIC) are considering a bid. Fujitsu places Shinko Engineering and Fujitsu General as non-core businesses<6755>、DDK<6955>There is a history of disclosing the policy to sell the company’s holdings last year. Future business restructuring progress is expected, and Fujitsu stocks were bought as high as 9% at one point. Shinko Kogyo also increased during the latter half of the season, and there was a scene where the stop price was set. Fujitsu Ze and FDK are also considered speculative.

■ Sanrio<8136>5,850 yen+270 Yen (+4.8%) Today’s closing price
Sanrio<8136>he suddenly rebounded for the first time in four days. SBI Securities raised its target price for Sanrio from 8,000 yen to 8,700 yen on the 31st. The investment decision will remain “buy”. He pointed out that inbound demand is expected to increase in the domestic business this season, and that the new system is expected to have the effect of improving inventory management. China’s business is also AlibabaProfits are expected to increase by utilizing the group’s abundant sales channels. The securities firm raised its operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2024 to 16,502 million yen from the previous 16,157 million yen.

■ Safey<4375>811 yen+32 Yen (+4.1%) Today’s closing price
Safey<4375>continues to grow. After the close of trading on the 31st, it announced that it has invested in Viagate (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which is developing a marketing research platform that uses facial expression analysis technology and gaze measurement technology using smartphone cameras. It appears that there was a purchase anticipating a positive impact on the business. Invested through Safey Corporate Venture Capital (CVC). Viagate will use the funds raised to strengthen its development team. Safie expects a synergistic effect with the “Safie” cloud video recording platform.

■ Tri-Chemical Laboratory<4369>2,569 yen+96 Yen (+3.9%) Today’s closing price
Tri-Chemical Laboratory<4369>backlash He looks like he’s going to break back after breakfast, and it’s a stubborn move. Consolidated financial results for the first quarter (February to April) of the fiscal year ended January 31, 2012, published after the close of trading on the 31st, showed sales of 3,228 million yen, up 3.5% year on year , and a final profit of ¥23,000. A decrease of .3% to 992 million yen. Despite the final double digit drop in profit, the rate of increase against the forecast for the interim period is in the 53% range. Although demand for memory was slowing down, mainly in South Korea, there was widespread acceptance that business conditions themselves were within market expectations. It seems that many investors waiting for a drop in demand have gathered to buy the material, which is one of the company’s strengths.

■ Sigmaxis<6088>1,130 yen+38 Yen (+3.5%) Today’s closing price
Sigmaxis holdings<6088>he responded suddenly. After the end of trading on the 31st, it was announced that the total number of shares to be acquired would be 1.5 million shares (3.37% of the total number of shares issued excluding treasury stock), and the total acquisition amount would be 1.2 billion yen. . The acquisition period is from June 20 to January 31, 2024. Acquisition will be made through a market purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and own share repurchase trading off auction (ToSTNeT-3) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, on February 29, 2012, 500,000 shares (1.12% of the total issued shares excluding treasury stock) will be cancelled.

■ MARUI GROUP<8252>2,418 yen+79Yen (+3.4%) Today’s closing price
Marui Group<8252>it rebounded for the first time in three days. On May 31, Iwai Cosmo Securities continued to give the company’s stock an investment grade of “A” and raised its target price from 2,680 yen to 2,750 yen. In the financial year ending March 2011, sales and profits increased, but the company fell short of its plan due to rising electricity bills and sluggish acquisition of new rental guarantee contracts. However, in the financial year ending March 2012, sales and profits are expected to increase due to the improvement of the retail business and the steady growth of the fintech business. In addition, the dividend is intended to be 101 yen, up 42 yen from the previous term, which is a large increase. By changing the dividend policy and using the dividend on equity (DOE) ratio as an index, we evaluate the fact that we can expect a stable increase in dividends over the long term.

■ Mitsubishi UFJ<8306>963.9 yen+31.4Yen (+3.4%) Today’s closing price
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group<8306>turn back the next morning. The US House of Representatives voted on the bill to suspend the debt ceiling on the 31st (the morning of the 1st Japan time), and passed it with a majority. The results were in line with market expectations, but there is also the view that the tail risk of losing the asset value of US Treasury bonds held by Japanese financial institutions due to a US deficit has receded, so buying is a relief . to get a spread.Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group<8316>Tomizuho Financial Group<8411>also solid, Concordia Financial Group<7186>or Bank of Kyoto<8369>Regional bank stocks are generally performing well.

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