Topple 400 Burmese communication towers Anti Vo Take back the military government – news

Reuters reported on Dec. 3 that more than 400 telecommunication towers in Myanmar had been destroyed by anti-junta militias. until the telener company The operator of the mobile network said it caused serious communication damage for many customers. But it is difficult to estimate the number of affected customers.

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The Global New Light of Myanmar said 88 percent of the 409 communication towers destroyed were owned by Mytel. where the military has control The junta’s official media said the destruction of the communication towers was the intent to destroy the government.

File photo of the same antenna destruction. in Sept. / JAI JAMES/PRN

It also responded to the junta’s shutdown of the Internet in many areas in an attempt to thwart opposition parties during protests and strikes against the coup.

The newspaper, the army’s mouthpiece, said: Terrorists are trying to thwart many future national activities and to overthrow the government’s administrative machinery.

As of September 2021, Mytel said about 700,000 customers were unable to use the internet due to the destruction of the communication towers.

The fighters, allied with the Myanmar shadow government formed by anti-junta lawmakers, said: behind the damage of communication towers But it said the soldiers themselves were involved in the damage to the communication towers. by burying the bomb near the building



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