Toronto Social Club Rope Kickoff June 3 | Canada News | NRI

The second international tug-of-war competition of the Toronto Toronto Social Club will be held on July 3 at the Hamilton Malayalee Samaj Maidan (1095 woodburn rd hamilton). The kickoff of the competition will take place on June 3 at 7.30pm at the TMS Hall in Mississauga.

The first prize of $ 5001 for the Monsieur Thomas Mega Sponsor competition was awarded by the Mr. Jones Group of Companies led by Jose Palakunnel. The second prize, $ 3001, will be donated by Trinity Autos, owned by Boban James. The third prize was $ 2001 by Erik Dale Plaza led by Thomas Kupenanikel and the fourth prize was $ 1001 by Alfin Group, a leading truck company in Canada.

Officials said they welcome all Canadian sports fans to the kickoff of this much-anticipated tug-of-war competition.

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