Toshiba is preparing to launch a new TV, the Z870, especially for gamers. 144Hz native display for smooth, premium visual operation.

In 2022, Toshiba TV ranks first in TV market share in Japan and third in Egypt. as a result of the relentless innovation of experts*

(PRNewsfoto/Toshiba TV)

This year, Toshiba TV will launch a new line of TVs featuring the latest display refresh rate, 144Hz Native Display, for premium smooth motion.

display refresh rate Refers to the number of times the TV updates the animation per second. which directly affects the smoothness and clarity of the images displayed on the screen Especially for fast moving images such as sports, action films. And most importantly, video games.

Therefore, the new Toshiba Z870 TV model comes with a display refresh rate of 144Hz for the best display performance. It was undoubtedly created with gamers in mind.

In addition, to complete the gaming experience, the new Toshiba TVs come with the impressive Game Mode Pro. Delivering immersive gaming moments in every sense.

Game Mode Pro is a set of sub-features that improve gaming performance, such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for a seamless connection between your game console and the TV. Features AMD FreeSync technology for stutter-free, stutter-free gaming. and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology for dynamic refresh rate synchronization. These features are undoubtedly able to meet the demands of fast-paced and realistic game-by-scene gameplay.

In addition, Toshiba TVs complement strong performance with a focus on flawless display quality. By integrating Mini LED display technology (Mini LED) that provides precise backlighting. Improved local dimming zones High level of color vibrancy and greater energy efficiency These features are powered by the REGZA chip, Toshiba TV’s exclusive imaging processor, with its excellent image resolution conversion. color enhancement and contrast adjustment

For all those looking forward to it The company expects to launch the Toshiba Z870 TV in July. And consider all the features that have been revealed so far. Believe that this new flagship TV will definitely be able to continue the success domestically and internationally.


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