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Tosu is a rare event in the alternative Oita War! The reason why the stadium DJ changed in the first half … | Football Tribe Japan

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Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Sagan Tosu held the J1 League Round 29 Oita Trinita match on the 18th, which was scheduled to be held on the 17th due to the influence of Typhoon No. 14. The next day’s alternative event, which can be said to be unusual, has attracted a great deal of attention due to the hard schedule adjustments made by the people involved in the game management.

In Sagan Tosu’s home game, free radio personality YUYA (real name: Yuichiro Muta) is in charge of the stadium DJ. He has been working for more than 20 years since his predecessor, Tosu Futures, and is loved by many Sagan Tosu supporters.

Immediately after deciding on an alternative date, YUYA quoted a tweet from Sagan Tosu’s official SNS and said, “I’m sorry. I had a job that I had been offered for a year and a half ago from tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow, Ekimae Real Estate Stadium. It will be after kick-off to enter. Please create {winning air} at the station star with the usual excitement of all the supporters. Three consecutive wins! Let’s achieve it !! “

Instead of YUYA, Morley (real name: Hayato Iimori) was in charge of the stadium DJ until after the kick-off in the match against Oita Trinita. Morley, who usually supports YUYA in Sagan Tosu’s home game, said, “I’m Morley, who is in a hurry to pinch hitter for YUYA! I’m always next to YUYA, and I’m directing with sound! No rehearsal. It’s a one-shot game, but it’s the same for the players! I hope to win with you tonight with sound and voice! I’ll also do saganbeat! Thank you for your support tonight! ” Was.

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And when YUYA arrives at the stadium in the middle of the first half as scheduled, the stadium DJ is replaced before half time. After the match, YUYA said, “Thank you for your hard work. And I’m sorry for the late participation tonight. Thank you very much to Morley, Dreams, and the staff at the previous site. Thank you. Thank you for winning tonight. Let’s win next time! Please stay in Oita, “posted on SNS. We are sending a thank-you message to our supporters and stakeholders.

Mr. Morley also said, “Thank you for your hard work last night! It was a night when I felt the greatness of Mr. YUYA and the warmth of all the supporters. And, I will make the supporters excited from the aspect of sound and strive to help Sagan Tosu as much as possible! Next time I will win! “

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