“Tottenham do not recognize Nagelsman as official manager” BBC

Provided by OSEN | 2023.05.13 22:41

[OSEN=우충원 기자] “Tottenham do not recognize Nagelsman as official manager”.

The BBC reported on the 13th (Korea time) that “former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann will not go to Tottenham.”

In March, coach Nagelsmann was sacked from Bayern Munich due to poor performance. The director Nagelsmann, representative of ‘young blood’, was a burden. I did not perform as expected and in the end I left the team.

However, Nagelsmann received interest from several clubs.

The BBC said, “Tottenham were linked with Nagelsmann, who was sacked in March, but there has been no talk since, and as we understand, Tottenham do not regard Nagelsmann as an official manager.”

Meanwhile, Sky Sports said, “Tottenham will not meet with Nagelsmann. The meeting is also not scheduled. Nagelsmann is not interested in the Tottenham board at the moment.” /

[저작권자 @머니투데이, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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