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Tottenham Mourinho’s FA Cup round of 16 Everton shocked 4-5 defeat

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Tottenham Mourinho is encouraging players in the England FA Cup round of 16 against Everton on the 11th in Korea.

Tottenham’s coach Jose Morinho, who was unfortunately eliminated in the England FA Cup round of 16, turned to Everton. Tottenham faced Everton in the 5th round of the FA Cup at the dawn of the 11th Korean time. Both teams played a slugging match with 9 goals, but scored the final goal to Bernard in the 7th minute of the first half and lost 4-5 after a 120 minute fight.

Even after catching up twice, Tottenham’s coach Mourinho, who lost in the seesaw game, will be able to enjoy this game objectively in an interview with BT Sport after the game. In the meantime, we have created many decisive opportunities and scored goals. There were some unbelievable mistakes, but I recognize that he showed a great character. But scoring 4 goals is not enough. If there were fewer mistakes, it would have been possible to go up,” he regretted the collapse of the defense.

Director Mourinho said, “I fought back as much as possible, but there were many errors. It was like a rat and a cat. “The mouse is our mistake, and it’s the cat that worked hard to make up for it.”

In this match, Tottenham scored the opening goal in the first three minutes, but three goals were scored by the defenders after a successive defence in just seven minutes from the 36th minute to Everton. Mourinho said of the situation, “First of all, we played the game in a good way. But from the middle of the first half, mistakes, mistakes, and mistakes continued, and I scored 3 runs.”

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