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Tottenham player’Participation’ confirmed Corona 19… Concerns of further infection

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[스포츠서울 정다워기자] Some Tottenham Hotspur players have been confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Tottenham’s Sergio Regilon, Giovanni Rosselso, Eric Lamela, and West Ham United’s Manuel Ranzini attended the party last Christmas, according to reports from British media Daily Mail and other media on the 2nd. Through social media, it was confirmed that their families gathered at Rosselso’s house and spent time together.

Eventually, as a result of the recent Corona 19 test, Lamela and Rosselso were confirmed.

Rosselso, Lamela and Ranzini are from Argentina and are close friends. Regilon is a Spanish national and is known to have good relations with them. However, holding a party in the midst of the Corona 19 situation is problematic.

The problem is that some of these players also participated in training after the party, and on the 28th they competed in the match against Wolverhampton. In the case of Regilon, he started as a starting point, and Lamela played as a substitute.

In the previous case, Son Heung-min was also exposed to the threat of infection. Considering that Corona 19 is a disease with an incubation period of two weeks, the possibility that Tottenham players including Son Heung-min will be further confirmed cannot be ruled out.

Tottenham are ahead of a league match against Leeds United at 9:30 pm Korean time on the 2nd. Both players who are determined to be confirmed will be removed from the list and will be removed from the game.

However, the news that the game will be canceled has yet to be heard. It is an atmosphere in which the game proceeds normally.
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