Tour guides running around in panic as the safari jeep stabs them; Video Viral | Elephant

JOHANNESBURG: Scenes of a katana running towards a safari vehicle in the Kruger National Park go viral. The incident took place at the Sonati Game Reserve in South Africa. The 13-foot-tall horned elephant ran towards the safari vehicle. The jeep carrying the guides was followed by a vehicle carrying trainee guides.

The video also shows one of the guides instructing the trainee guides in the back vehicle to escape as the elephant jumps towards the jeep. This is the time when wild animals mate in the forests of Africa. Echo training guides say that male elephants often become violent during these times.

During these times, they are very aggressive towards other elephants and humans. The elephant stabbed the jeep in front of the safari vehicle. Organizers said they would provide counseling to everyone who was on the scene at the time of the incident.

Content Highlights: angry elephant attacks wild safari vehicle in south africa



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