Tourists poured into Japan last month. September almost 12 times more than 2 hundred thousand.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in September rose 11.7 times from a year earlier to 206,500, the number is likely to increase, Kyodo News said, government data released on Wednesday In the coming months after for Japan to lift almost all immigration restrictions earlier this month.

According to information from the Japan National Tourism Organization. The figure was above 200,000 for the first time since February 2020, but was down 90.9 per cent from September the year before the 2019 pandemic.

Passengers coming in in September Most of them are business people. Technical Intern student and international students

Although the government resumed accepting foreign tourists at the beginning of September on unguided tour packages. But the number of tourists entering the country for tourism continued to slow to 19,013.

On October 11, the government lifted the daily limit on the number of arrivals. and an individual unscheduled travel ban to revive the country’s struggling inbound tourism sector.

Tourists do not need to travel with tour packages. or apply for a visa any longer if they are citizens of one of the 68 countries and regions with which Japan has a mutual agreement

Removing restrictions “It has a huge impact on tourism. The weakening of the yen is a result,” said Koichi Wada, head of the Japan Tourism Agency. he said in a press conference And hope was expressed that the number of tourists will improve completely.

The tourism ministry told parliament on Wednesday that it is discussing lifting the quarantine with the Ministry of Health. with the aim of returning to receiving international cruise ships

in September The largest number of foreign tourists came from South Korea at 32,700, followed by Vietnam at 30,900, the United States at 18,000 and China at 17,600.

meanwhile The total number of travelers from Japan abroad in September was 319,200, a figure 6.1 times higher than the previous year but down 81.8% from the same month in 2019.

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