Tournament Tournament Daily Tournament Committee: Virginia, UNC, TCU & More

It's not just Monday and there's a great competition tonight with the regular season of ACC title and the consequences of Tournament No. 1 NCAA.

It does not get better than that in February.

Here's a breakdown of the biggest games at night and how the results could affect the NCAA Tournament resale of the teams involved.

The NCAA Tournament projection seeds listed below show Saturday's Saturday Brake show if staff disclose in the top 16 and if its seed does not come from the latest Stadium NCAA Tournament projections, which were published earlier today.

4 No. Virginia at No. 8 North Carolina, 7 p.m. ET

Virginia (20-2): No. 3 NET; 6-2 Quadrant 1, 4-0 Quadrant 2, 3-0 Quadrant 3, 7-0 Quadrant 4

NCAA's Fellow Basketball Committee Default Seed: Seal No. 1

North Carolina (19-4): No. 9 NET; 5-4 Quadrant 1, 5-0 Quadrant 2, 5-0 Quadrant 3, 4-0 Quadrant 4

The NCAA Basketball Committee's Proposed Seed: Síol No. 2

Virginia has a tough three-day stretch, as you will find a college basketball from the start of the conference. Hosting of the Cavaliers No. 2 the Duke of Saturday and they were finally wrong shooting through the Point Blue-Devils point in losing 81-71.

Now they travel to North Carolina to play the next ACW team.

The Cavaliers wounded three times against the Tar Heels, but lost 65-41 in their last trip to Chapel Hill in 2017.

Boxing ex-offsets should have "fights styles" and that Virginia and North Carolina would be a big contrast in a fun way. The Cavaliers are 353rd – it's dead last nationally – in speed and the Tar Heels is fifth.

Virginia would be a comfortable score in the 60's low. North Carolina made 113 and 88 points in two wins at home last week.

This game will have a major impact on the title of the regular ACA season and may affect the AC schools – and how much – is for seed No. 1 in March. The Duke and the West Thread Seeds No. 1 to 16 top of the NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Committee on Saturday and North Carolina was the total team 7.

The two schools have five more games in the regular season, including the game on Monday. However, North Carolina will send three of those games at home and Virginia will only take in Charlottesville.

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No. 14 Kansas at TCU, 9 p.m. ET

Kansas (18-6): No. 18 NET; 8-5 Quadrant 1, 5-1 Quadrant 2, 2-0 Quadrant 3, 3-0 Quadrant 4

Estimated Seed NCAA Men's Basketball Committee: Síol No. 3

TCU (17-6): No. 32 NET; 1-6 Quadrant 1, 5-0 Quadrant 2, 6-0 Quadrant 3, 5-0 Quadrant 4

The latest NCAA Tournament Seed Terminology in the Stadium: Seed No. 7

The two teams could win victory but for several reasons. There was No.3 seed in Kansas in the Saturday Preview View, and so in the big picture, the Jayhawks have a strong competition, but they have lost four instantly from home and are 1-6 on this season's road.

If they want to "Keep The Streak" live, they probably have to reach at least three road games at the conference at this season's play. They still have four road games – TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Plus, winning on the road, would help Kansas conserve four top seeds, if seed No 2 is improved. There are eight Quadrant 1 games at Jayhawks, this is the second largest state behind Michigan State, but on their current trajectory, they may have finished with a record in City 1 which is just over .500.

With regard to TCU, this season is "a lot of losses", if that is the case. But these losses are far more than the single Quadrant 1 TCU win. The Horned Frogs have five games left in that quarter, including four at home, so they set up their schedule easily to improve their resume over the next month.

Given that Kansas has gone on the road in the past two months, it may be fair to find the things that are wrong with the TCU if it is not possible to meet the Jayhawks at home, which is done already at Iowa State, West Virginia, Texas and Kansas State.

Oklahoma at Baylor, 9 p.m. ET

Oklahoma (15-9): No. 42 NET; 3-7 Quadrant 1, 5-2 Quadrant 2, 7-0 Quadrant 3, 0-0 Remote 4

Seed Terminology The latest Stadium Tournament in Stadium: Seal No. 12 (Last Four In)

Baylor (15-8): No. 34 NET; 3-5 Quadrant 1, 6-1 Friends 2, 1-0 Quadrant 3, 5-2 Degree 4

NCAA Stadium Tournament Seed Terminology: Seed No. 8

The 0-2 week for Baylor leaves last two matches in the Bears in the first 12, and only a half-game near Oklahoma State is a ninth place after scoring four games.

It is hoped that Baylor will finish the regular season with 19 wins, one more than Oklahoma, according to, which could both be placed squarely on the bubble. If there is any indicator last year, the NCAA Tournament can have a great deal after getting 8-10 in the Big 12, so eight goals in the convention game should be the baseline goal for The Sooners and Bears.

Baylor 77-47 won Oklahoma just two weeks ago until the day and lost to The Sooners until 15-10 widespread and 3-9 in the Big 12, which would greatly enhance their expectations dangerous.

Lehigh at Bucknell, 7 p.m. ET

Lehigh (16-7)

Bucknell (16-8): Latest NCAA Tournament Tournament Thread projection in Stadium: Seed No. 16

We will show love for the Patriot League.

It is likely that it will be safe for one of these teams to use the unique Patriot League bid in March. Bucknell is currently in the first place with a 10-2 conferencing record, one game in front of Lehigh.

The Hawks Mountain has two of the games over Colgate third and in American and not just playing games.

On Monday morning, Bucknell is ranked No. 145 on and Lehigh is No. 153. For reference, this is comparable to a team that completes the top half of the Western Mountain or low-end Pac-12 team.

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