Tovino Thomas Injured During Shooting of Nadikar Thilakam: Film Production Temporarily Halted

Actor Tovino Thomas Injured During Shooting of ‘Nadikar Thilakam’ Movie

Popular actor Tovino Thomas has suffered an injury while filming ‘Nadikar Thilakam’, produced by Lal Jr. The incident took place in Marampalli near Perumbavoor. Though the injury is not severe, doctors have advised Thomas to rest for a week. As a result, the shooting of the movie has been temporarily halted. Lal Jr has assured that the filming will resume soon.

About ‘Nadikar Thilakam’ Movie

‘Nadikar Thilakam’ is an upcoming film starring Tovino Thomas and Soubin Shahir. The production of this movie commenced in July, where Thomas portrays the famous star David Patikal. The film has a whopping budget of 40 crores and is slated to be released in 2024. As a promotional tactic, a poster featuring Thomas lying on a cross, akin to Jesus Christ, was earlier released and went viral.

Production and Crew

Maitri Movie Makers, known for producing popular films like ‘Pushpa – The Rice Part 1,’ are venturing into the Malayalam film industry with ‘Nadikar Tilaka,’ directed by Lal Jr. Y.Naveen and Y.Ravi Shankar from Maitri Movie Makers are co-producing ‘Nadikar Thilakam’ alongside Godspeed, helmed by Alan Antony and Anoop Venugopal. This film marks Lal Jr’s directorial venture after the successful ‘Driving License’.

Impressive Technical Team

The screenplay for ‘Nadikar Thilakam’ is penned by Suvin Somasekar. The movie boasts of an exceptional technical team. Albi, renowned for his work in ‘Kanekane,’ serves as the cinematographer, while Ratheesh Raj takes charge of editing. Yaxan Gary Perera and Neha S Nair compose the music, and Prashant Madhav handles art direction. Nitin Michael oversees the main contacts.

Praveen Verma designs costumes, RG Wayanad takes care of makeup, and Anbariv is in charge of stunts. Bhupathi choreographs the dance sequences, and Arun Varma handles the sound design. Heston Lino is responsible for the publicity design, and Sangeeta Jayachandran manages marketing and communications under the banner of Stories Social.

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Actor Tovino Thomas injured. He was injured during the shooting of Nadikar Thilakam, which is being produced by Lal Jr. Tovino’s leg is injured. The incident took place while the shooting was going on in Marampalli near Perumbavoor. Although the injury is not serious, doctors have advised rest for a week. The shooting of the film has been temporarily halted. Lal Jr has stated that the shooting will resume soon.



‘Nadikar Thilakam’ is a film starring Tovino Thomas and Soubin Shahir. The shooting of the film began in July. Tovino plays the role of the famous star David Patikal. The budget of the film is said to be 40 crores. The film will be released in 2024. A poster of Tovino lying on a cross like Jesus Christ was released earlier. It also went viral.

The film is produced by Maitri Movie Makers who have produced many popular films like Pushpa – The Rice Part 1 . Maitri Movie Makers is stepping into Malayalam with ‘Nadikar Tilaka’ directed by Lal Jr. Y.Naveen and Y.Ravi Shankar of Maitri Movie Makers are producing Nadikar Thilakam along with Godspeed helmed by Alan Antony and Anoop Venugopal. This is a film directed by Lal Jr after the successful film Driving License.

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The script of the film is written by Suvin Somasekar. The film has a strong technical team behind it. The cinematography is handled by Kanekane cinematographer Albi. Ratheesh Raj is the editor. Yaxan Gary Perera and Neha S Nair compose the music and Prashant Madhav is the art director. The Main Contact is Nitin Michael.

Costume Design Praveen Verma, Makeup RG Wayanad. Anbariv handles the stunt. Bhupathi handles the choreography and Arun Varma handles the sound design. Heston Lino Publicity Design. Sangeeta Jayachandran handles marketing and communications under the banner Stories Social.

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