Towed to Cheongbo Mokpo Shipyard… No more missing persons found

Provided by Mokpo Coast Guard

The blue boho was successfully raised six days after the overturning accident and is being moved to land. Rescue authorities conducted a thorough search of the ship after the rescue, but no additional missing persons were found.

According to the rescue authorities on the 9th, the Coast Guard and others began towing the salvaged Cheongbo to a shipyard in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do around 8:40am that day.

Cheong Bo-ho plans to stay for a while at Odo Wharf in Amtaedo, Sinan to check the condition of the ship and resume towing.

Rescue authorities conducted an intensive search of the cargo compartment (warehouse), wheelhouse, and restaurant after repairing the blue-protected vessel and the body was picked up at 6:10pm on the 8th, but was not found any missing persons.

The Coast Guard and others plan to conduct an additional search after the blue guard is moved to the shipyard that day, but the possibility of finding more people missing inside the hull is low.

Due to worsening weather conditions, the intensive search area will focus on medium and large vessels.

At approximately 11:00 pm on the 8th, the rescue authorities collected 6 items including 3 CCTVs installed in the wheelhouse, an AIS (Automatic Identification System, Automatic Transmission and Reception of Remote Identification Signals), and a GPS plotter .

On the other hand, at about 11:20 pm on the 4th, a report was received that the 24-ton offshore fishing boat Cheongbo with 12 people on board had capsized in the sea 16.6km west of Daebichi Island in Jaewon-ri , Imja-myeon, Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do.

3 out of 12 crew members in Cheongbo-ro were rescued by a merchant ship approaching from the vicinity after receiving a rescue request from the Mokpo Regional Maritime Command Center (VTS), Subsequently, a search operation was conducted for 9 people was missing, and 5 bodies were found on the 6th, and the rest were found, 4 people are missing.

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