Tower of Fantasy New Release By Game Developer Collaborate from China may not be on the Global server

Monday, October 3, 2022, 12 o’clock, 01 minutes, 40 seconds, Indochina time

gem Fantasy tower is a game An Open World MMORPG Free to play and can be played on both. PC a Mobile Previously, the game had a Chinese server as the main server. Before coming to open the server Worldwide The players could not help but look for information from the existing servers. Therefore, the question arises whether the characters Collaboration from a Chinese server enters the server Worldwide or not

by when October 2, 2022 per game Fantasy Tower has released a new letter from the developer with important content 4 The subjects include

1. We care about your opinion. but the delay due to several missions

2. The past events often because we want to keep up with the Chinese server. In the future, the event launch schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

3. body Collaboration From the Chinese server it may not be imported to the server. Worldwide with copyright issues

4. We will improve the respawn time of the new world boss on the artificial island. within the future to be close to other Heads of the World.

make fans who look forward to arrival Marc a physical young man in a combat suit and Yuekui’s fault The sisters, Sai Electric, were all disappointed at the same time.


For both characters in the Chinese server, it counts. He is a popular character, especially Marc which is called Meta Absolutely, although a bit disappointing. But it must be done and continue to sit

But don’t be sad because in the future we may have a chance to see Collaboration of other games available on the server Worldwide And yes, in the bad news, there is also good news that the team is working hard. listening to problems AND developing the game to meet the needs of the players as well, and for friends who want to read the full announcement can read the content of the