Tower of Fantsay has revealed the details of all 5 characters from the Chinese server that are planning to enter the Global server in the future.

Monday, January 23, 2023, 3:05:23 am Indochina time

after the game Fantasy Tower Published to prepare to update the game to the version 2.3 official is February 2, 2023 Which has many interesting details, including new maps and new modes, which can be read in more detail in this article.

and as you know the game Fantasy Tower Not just servers Worldwide just because the main game will be in the server from China The game will have a piece that will take us over. 3 – 4 patch, thereby making today the way 4 players I would like to talk about the two Gacha characters. 5 body, which intends to enter the game in the future. It will contain the following characters.

Credit: Tower of Fantasy

1. Alys

One of the ice-elemental characters comes with the ability to wield a named weapon Immortal Wings The wings are attached to the shoes. Alyss He focuses on quick attacks on the ground and can also leverage the enemy up for combos in the air. Including the point of sale Alyss because monsters can be gathered together as a group which is one of the disadvantages of the current ice team, thereby making Alyss is one of the characters that answers questions Including that it is worth opening to find strengthening the army for the current team.

2. Ummi

But if you are looking for a character to help elevate the physical team. Including the ability to dissolve enemy armor, it also brings the ability to gather enemies into groups. It counts as a similar character Umi whichFBecome a character using a weapon Mobius It can be considered quite a solution in this regard, and Umi should help physical teams play more fun as well.

3. Fenrir

A cute female DJ with amazing fighting abilities from Fenrir He is one of the characters that has the ability to use electricity. and brings a personal weapon Gleipnir which will emit sound waves To be used for violent attacks on enemies and can also quickly break the enemy’s armor from an attack of Fenrir doing so Fenrir He is one of the characters that players with lightning traits should have in their team.

4. Land

One of the most spectacular fire elemental characters as Land He will have the ability to use. Lingguang or an umbrella-like weapon also for Land It will be one of the recent characters. Protection which has the ability to seriously destroy enemy armor up to 15.80 Including attack features and abilities that are still so heavy that the phone almost explodes, making Lan one of the key characters of the fire element that will help raise the team to be stronger than the front

5. Icarus

a young boy “The ice element comes with a deceptive character. Until many people think it is ” a woman ” by Icarus has the ability to use a named weapon Broken Light which resembles a childhood toy like “Yo-Yo” for Icarus it will be a late character DPS Which focuses on attacking in a single style and The form of the group is good Personal character. Icarus That despite being a late character. DPS But there is no need to look for it. Personally, the author thinks it should be an alternate character tone or if anyone wants to pick it up. Icarus come play with Alyss a Saki Fuwa It’s interesting. and can do that too

is considered complete For each character that enters the game Fantasy Tower Until version 3.0, but it seems there was information about a new character a few weeks ago” Fiona which will have the ability to use elements Has changed (as Linen ) and also comes with the ability to use a named weapon Moon star bracelet Including information for another new character who can also use a saw type weapon

It remains to be seen how many months the characters mentioned above will take to complete. The information below is only a “prediction” which can be expected to move slightly Use discretion when reading.

  • Alyss – Due in early February.
  • Umi – Probably the end of February
  • Fenrir – Due in early March.
  • Land – Probably the end of March
  • Icarus – Due in early April.

and during this consonance He should be bringing old gacha cabinets to run to catch money in the bag. But one thing to expect is the introduction of old gacha characters like Nemesis, Frigg a Cobalt B to be put in a permanent cabinet that can only wait and continue to pray Finally, we have to wait to see if the information will come out as expected or not. must continue to follow