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Toy Toy Thanaphat moves, reposts IG stories while in prison

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Toy Toy Thanaphat moves, reposts an IG story from a fan club. While in prison, I was wondering who played it?

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The case of the actors of the series Y. Toy Toy Thanaphat A 21-year-old arrested for murdering his girlfriend in his home. In the middle of the night on August 6, past and now Toy is being held in prison.

But last October 20, 64 there was a movement in the personal IG of Toy Toys by reposting the letter of the person. from a fan IG some in the letterRevealing that you can leave a message to the fans to post a story. Thank you to everyone who still believes in toys who are still waiting to listen. …..Thank you friends who are still waiting.

Later another post Fans have clarified that Toy Toy hasn’t come out yet, everyone. Don’t misunderstand Just post a story as Toy asks only.

In the case of IG tossing How is it reposted? live news entertainment online Asked to the beginning of the post, she said that she was a close friend of Toy. ToyToy’s phone is on her andA toy letter was sent to her from the prison.

Repost section She is the reposter herself. Toy can’t play with mobile phone because he is in prison. So it’s the letter as it’s in the story.


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