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Toyama Grouses, who has no foreign players, loses to Utsunomiya Brex in a row Naoki Uto “Be prepared for the remaining four games and get angry.” –Basketball Count |

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Yuuki Ameya, a specially designated player from the local area, scored 10 points.

Toyama Grouses will play against Utsunomiya Brex. Joshua Smith was sent off in the game on Wednesday, causing frustration and damage to the venue door as he descended into the locker. As a result, he was suspended from three games and will not be in a row with Utsunomiya. Julian Mavunga also entered the bench but did not participate, and suffered a big defeat of 62-119 in the first round yesterday.

Mavunga will also miss the second round today. Kosuke Hashimoto, who was injured in the game the day before, was also in a difficult position with “On 0” without foreign players. Moreover, due to the overcrowded schedule of fighting three games in four days, if the opponent is Utsunomiya, who boasts one of the thickest players in B1, it will be a difficult battle. Pushed by Utsunomiya’s strong inside team from the first quarter, he took four 3-point shots from the inside out and was overwhelmed by the number of free throws 1-7, but his fighting stance was not defeated by Utsunomiya.

Veterans Takeshi Mito and Tomokazu Abe work harder than anyone else, and Naoki Uto, the face of the team, jumps under the goal where Josh Scott and Jeff Gibbs await. Pulled by that attitude, specially designated player Yuki Ameya also challenged the strong enemy without hesitation.

22-year-old Ameya has come to this point with almost no playtime in the team competing for the championship, but in this game he got 28 minutes of playtime and succeeded in two 3-point shots. Recorded 10 points including. Although he couldn’t win the final game of the home, the activities of local players who came back to Toyama through Daito Bunka University, who are from the same Okutanaka as Yudai Baba and Rui Hachimura, made the venue lively.

Naoki Uto pulled the team with a bullish stance of 26 points, especially for foreign players, who boldly challenged the inside game and won 11 free throws. It can be said that the 10 players who participated each showed their own uniqueness.

However, Utsunomiya, who has the highest winning percentage in B1, went above that. No matter how much energy Toyama puts out, he will go above it with a rotation of 11 players, including 3 foreign players and naturalized player Ryan Rossiter. The first punch, which was 13 points behind in the first quarter, worked, and after that, Toyama’s momentum did not collapse, and as a result, he surpassed all quarters and won 107-81.

For Toyama, both games were completely defeated, but the performance in the second game will be the next one. In the next section, Joshua will return from the second round against Niigata Albirex BB. Mavunga will also be in good condition with this rest.

After the match, Mito said, “It was a tough match, but everyone actively attacked the ring and got 81 points from Mr. Utsunomiya, which leads to our confidence,” said 62 the day before. He cited the fact that he had increased his score to 81 as a harvest. In addition, Uto vowed to win with powerful words, “I’m prepared to play the remaining four games and I’m hungry and I definitely want to win.”


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