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Toyota and Honda to jointly develop decarbonized car for Japanese car racing | Reuters

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[Tokyo 25th Reuters]–The Japan Race Promotion (JRP), which hosts the Japanese car race “All Japan Super Formula Championship”, is carbon-neutral on the 25th in collaboration with Toyota Motor and Honda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero. Announced that it will work on technological development for the realization of. From 2022, we will promote the use of environment-friendly fuel that synthesizes carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen, and the development of vehicles that use natural materials derived from plants.

As the movement toward decarbonization intensifies in the world, the world of motor sports, where gasoline engine vehicles that emit CO2 were the mainstream, is also under pressure to respond to the environment. In Super Formula, Toyota and Honda, which provide engines and compete for performance, will work together to renew motor sports suitable for a carbon-free society.

At the press conference, JRP Chairman Satoru Nakajima pointed out that “all of this industry must respond with a sense of crisis.” “We consulted with Toyota and Honda and agreed to start the test next season and do it,” he said.

Toyota’s executive officer Koji Sato said, “It is not enough for one company to work hard toward carbon neutrality. I want to have various know-how.” Honda executive officer Koji Watanabe, general manager of brand communication, said, “I want to realize the same dream while transcending the boundaries of manufacturers.”

In the future, the three companies will run test vehicles equipped with technologies under development in all aspects such as fuel, materials, powertrains, chassis, and tires, and will lead to technological evolution through repeated experiments.

In addition to environmental friendliness, JRP also announced that it will strengthen digital support for fans to enjoy more. Including live broadcasts of races, all drivers will be able to watch videos while driving, vehicle data such as vehicle speed, and audio such as driver radio exchanges on their smartphones.


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