“Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022” to a better car From the track to the road “Pushing the limit to race your ambition”

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, together with Mr. Sonthaya Khunpluem, President of the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under royal patronage and Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, joined the press conference on organizing the activity “Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022” on May 19, 2022 at TOYOTA ALIVE, Bangna-Trad Road Km. 3

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. pioneered the Thai Motorsport industry since 1986 with the determination to raise it to be widely known. by being both the organizers of the competition and provide support from youth level to professional racers ready to give Thai racers the opportunity to build a reputation for the country From the dedication in the development of the Thai motorsport industry, Toyota has become a true leader.

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President, said, “Motorsport is one of Toyota’s core DNA. which inspires creativity “Better Cars” Toyota started Motorsport activities in Thailand 37 years ago with the aim of creating a fun experience in Motorsport by supporting people who love this sport. as well as being the organizer and sponsor of the competition In the past several decades We have developed our role as a sponsor for Thai racers to have the opportunity to compete internationally.”
Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President, said, “In Toyota’s 60th anniversary, we are delighted to organize the “Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022” to be more exciting and fun. And it is another way to stimulate the economy in the area.”

> Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022
Pushing the limit to race your ambition

Under the concept of the brand, the world-class racing car, Toyota Gazoo Racing, under the belief that success from participating in motorsport will be not only a victory on the podium, but also an opportunity to test the performance of the car in the ultimate driving experience. maximum This will show the full potential of that car model. Including an open experience for the racers and develop the potential of the racing team In a way that cannot be tested in everyday life, under the philosophy of “Roads build people, and people build cars”, all these are challenging goals in the development of “automotives.” Toyota’s Ever-Better Cars, which has inherited the DNA of Motorsport in order to pass on the development of Toyota vehicles such as the Toyota GR Series.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022 will be held under the theme “Pushing the limit to race your ambition”, that is, “Overcome all limits. Awaken the power of the fighter in you” with the most powerful proof. and the best of Toyota racing performance closely with the One Make Race flat road car competition in all 4 models, namely
– Yaris One Make Race for the first time with the popular Hatchback ECO Car Toyota YARIS
with a 1,200 cc DUAL VVT-i engine that is outstanding in quality Driving performance that is agile, agile, durable, providing fun driving. (Fun-to-Drive) fully. Comes with a sporty, sleek look for a new entry level racer.

– Hilux REVO One Make Race with the performance of a tough pickup truck driven by the power of
Common rail diesel engine GD Super Power 2,400 cc with proof of strength, durability and suspension that grips the road precisely for diesel racers who likes raw, strong, fierce

– Corolla ALTIS GR Sport One Make Race Signature of quality, durability and
Unmatched Reliability (QDR: Quality Durability Reliability) Enjoy the extreme power of the Dual VVT-i 1,800 cc engine and the TNGA construction that perfectly combines the performance of the engine, suspension, steering, brakes, which are the highlight of the race. Fun and exciting throughout the competition in every field

– VIOS Lady One Make Race with the performance of the Dual VVT-i 1,500 cc engine that is unique in its agile driving performance. Active for novice racers All racers must undergo training from the Toyota Racing School program to learn the rules, regulations, and proper etiquette in the race. This is a good foundation for the racer. A special edition race for female racers.

– A special edition competition program TOYOTA EXECUTIVE CHARITY RACE 2022 by Toyota’s top management team and representatives of the Toyota Dealership Club with a pickup truck Hilux REVO Double Cab 4X2 Z Edition 2,400 cc, with a prize money of 200,000 baht from the competition, will be given to charitable organizations in Buriram
Driving fun (Fun-to-drive)
Showcasing the performance of Toyota cars at the racetrack

– Most importantly, show performance with running in the field for the first time of the 100% electric car that will be launched this year with the Toyota bZ4X.

– GR Hot Lap by Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand, activities for customers Participated in the experience of the GR Sport family cars in the real race. To prove the unique performance and quality of the GR Sport family of 5 models

– GR Supra and GR Yaris Driving Experience, a unique experience with an exclusive ride in a sports car GR Supra and GR Yaris with a professional racer Drive in a thrilling real race track.

– Drift Show, a testament to the performance of the legendary GR Supra sports car with excellent driving performance, responsiveness and control as you wish. With a strong, accurate suspension system, it will come to battle with a tough pickup truck like “Hilux REVO” and a car of quality and performance “Corolla Altis GR-Sport”.

– Behind the Scene Show Activity “Pitstop” for the first time showing the potential of a quality service team from Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand who has a lot of experience to show off their tire changing skills and refuel Or make repairs to the racing car in no time to continue the race. reflects the foundation of Toyota’s service craftsmanship and quality.

– Walk about on track activities allow customers to walk on the track and took a photo with a racing car and racers closely before the start of the race

Fun activities that will satisfy all ages – at the activity area
The Motorsport Display Zone featured race cars such as the Lexus RC-F GT3, Altis Nurburgring, the 100% electric Toyota bZ4X and the Toyota 60th Anniversary Special Edition.
– Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup and GR Simulator games to practice driving skills in virtual races on world-class tracks
– Meet & Greet Toyota Gazoo Racing Star Team with Marie Burner and Pangpon Akarawut
– with a booth of Toyota dealers in the area to introduce special promotions For customers who are interested in a new car and reserve a car at the event including giving advice on cars and services

Racing Mania event “The largest Hilux Revo gathering in the country” – meets Hilux Revo fans who love customizing Hilux Revo pickup trucks.

– Racing Mania “Rum Phon Hilux Revo” – This event will be held in parallel with motorsport activities in every field. Racing Mania consists of Parade on Track – inviting customers to be a part of the parade. by bringing a beautiful Revo car, which Come run and experience the real field. Free Run Fun Drag opens a free field for customers to bring their cars to try driving in the real field.

With an amateur drag competition, divided into models Turbo Standard, Turbo Pak 46, Turbo Pak 55, winning prizes of more than 100,000 baht and a battle of prestige with the Super REVO model, in addition to the super-modified team Super Revo Big Ten 10 teams to join in making history and making new records This year has given the opportunity for nominees from various teams to compete with the Super Revo Big Ten team in the Super REVO model to win prizes larger than 200,000 baht, including finding lucky winners for new activities like REVO Drag Fast Run with Ride the 250/500 HP Hilux Revo to be driven by the Big 10 on the Drag Track.

for the full line Meet the advice and customization of cars from racing guru and don’t miss out on joining the Hilux Revo car to enter the beauty contest. Win prizes worth more than 30,000 baht and get a chance to win a discount on racing accessories worth more than 100,000 baht. There are also many entertainment activities such as Race Queen DJ, Concert and Aftermarket booths that come with special discounts. Choose to be creative in the work.

> Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Thailand

Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy, a project to develop driving to become a professional racer started in 2012 with the aim of improving driving skills. from the basics up to a high level Ready to drive to drive in a professional racetrack At present, there are more than 2,400 participants in the training.

Most importantly, Toyota is committed to promoting the new generation by continuing The Dream Racer Season 2. The Dream Racer Season 1 held in 2020 had over 220 participants this year. Dream Racer Season 2 will reappear as a reality show with world-class racers as coaches. Full course of Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Thailand to find new racers through social media channels: “Facebook – Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport”

special! Finalists will be given the opportunity to compete in a Time Trial with a real time race at Buriram, and the 1st place winner will be eligible to be a Toyota One Make Race driver in the Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2023 event. in order to fully reach the dream

> Online format competition E-Motorsports in the game “TGR GT Cup 2022”

to meet the popular activities of the new generation of youth To be more involved in motorsports. This year, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., together with Toyota Corporation, Japan To find the best online racers in TGR GT Cup 2022 through the famous racing game Gran Turismo 7. to compete for the number 1 ranking with racers from around the world In the past year, representatives from Thailand have done an excellent job, grabbing the 1st place in Asia pacific by Thai gamers participating in the competition via Play Station by applying at www.toyotagazooracing.com and can join in cheering for Thai e-motorsport to compete in Asia pacific and world class in September and November respectively

> Support Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand
Participate in national competitions and international level

Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand, a Thai racing team, the pioneer of Motorsport in Thailand, has the longest history of establishment in the country. And success builds a reputation in the motorsport industry continuously. And this year continues to participate in national competitions such as the Thailand Super Series, which will send the legendary sports car GR Supra to compete, as well as the RAAT Thailand Endurance International Championship 2022, using the Corolla ALTIS GR Sport racing car to participate. compete

In addition, in the level competition International is the ADAC Total 24 Hours Race at Nürburgring, which is a continuous 24-hour automobile race. At one of the toughest, challenging and most dangerous racetracks in the world, Nürburg germany This year, Toyota continues to deliver the Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport, the GR Series racing car that stands out for its quality, durability and reliability (QDR) that combines performance with a durable engine, TNGA structure and Suspension designed for sporty driving. Excellent road island There is a streamlined control. as well as world-class safety standards

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita concluded that “This year’s activities In addition to demonstrating the potential of Toyota cars in terms of quality, durability and reliability. Through this year’s One Make Race event, this is also the first time we’ve sent the Corolla ALTIS GR Sport into the race. Moreover, everyone will have the opportunity to meet the legendary Toyota GR Supra sports car that is ready to experience the thrill of drifting. with a trial ride with professional racers who have passed world-class competitions Moreover, we are delighted that the Toyota Gazoo Racing will be able to help boost the local economy with all 5 races in 4 regions after a long stagnation from the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that this activity will be able to stimulate local tourism as well.”

“In addition, we will continue to organize the Toyota Executive Charity Races for senior executives, including myself and Toyota dealers. have seriously participated in the competition To prove the performance of the Hilux REVO pickup truck at Chang International Circuit, as I mentioned at the launch of the new Hilux REVO and FORTUNER, we are all confident in the excellent performance of the Hilux REVO pickup truck and Happy to organize this charity race. by the prize money from the competition will be given to charitable organizations in Buriram Province.”

“Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all government officials involved. as well as brothers and sisters, the media, all racers Including important partners such as ARTO, YOKOHAMA, TVC, MOTUL, SINGHA and LENSO, with their good support. for motorsport activities in Thailand We are delighted to have the support of all our partners. Without these support, Toyota Motorsport would not have succeeded as a national auto racing sponsor.”

Invite you to experience the fun and excitement of “Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022” in 5 races in all regions across the country.

– Open the first field competition June 29 – July 3, Chonburi
– Continue the fun with the 2nd field on September 9-11, Phuket.
– Circuit 3 and Executive Race 14 – 16 October Buriram
– Prepare to win the championship with the 4th field on 18 – 20 November, Chiang Mai
– Annual championship final field 16-18 December Buriram

> Ready to follow the fun of various activities
“Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022” via social media channels
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Facebook: Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport and Facebook: Toyota Motor Thailand
– Racing Mania event
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